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30 January 2023
Swiss PIC will be located in the Park Innovaare, in the immediate vicinity of PSI (photo: PSI)

Swiss PIC to support Swiss photonics industry

The technology transfer centre Swiss PIC was founded at the beginning of January 2023. Swiss PIC will be located in the Park Innovaare, in the immediate vicinity of PSI, one of its founding partners alongside other industry and research stakeholders. The new centre aims to facilitate innovation in packaging and integration of optical systems and to make these accessible to industry.

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23 January 2023
The this year's KMU Swiss Symposium will take place in Baden on 23th March (source:

PSI at the this year’s KMU Swiss Symposium!

This year's KMU Swiss Symposium will take place in Baden, Kt. Aargau, on 23 March - we are pleased to be physically present again this year!

The KMU Swiss Symposium offers a platform for exchange and inspiration - this is made possible by exciting presentations, various booths with innovative projects and networking.

Listen to exciting presentations on the topic of "The power of trust - manipulation versus trust" by, among others, Swiss Army Chief Thomas Süssli; or Ivano Somaini, Security Analyst at Compass Security Schweiz AG.

PSI will be there - visit us at our joint booth with the Hightech Zentrum Aargau and find out more about how we can support industry and SMEs with their technical challenges and innovation processes.

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4 January 2023
Phillippe Würsch (left) and Matthias Wagner (right) from ANAXAM appreciate the good and close cooperation with David Mannes from PSI, which was also successful in the case of the brake piston investigations. (Photo: Paul Scherrer Institute/Mahir Dzambegovic)

Car brakes optimised: successful collaboration with Audi Sport

In a joint collaboration, the technology transfer centre ANAXAM, PSI and Audi Sport successfully demonstrated the potential for optimising car brakes. Neutrons from the spallation neutron source SINQ at PSI were used for this purpose. Using a jointly developed measurement method, it was now possible for the first time to look live into the brake caliper and thus sound out optimisation possibilities. For the industrial partner Audi Sport, this collaboration yields promising results.

This project is a great example of successful technology transfer and shows how PSI's large-scale research facilities and ANAXAM's expertise can optimise a well-known product and contribute to new ideas. 

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6 December 2022
Tailor-made infrastructure at the MS beamline allows for 100,000 mineralogical samples to be measured automatically with synchrotron diffraction.

ANAXAM: serving Industry

Applied materials analysis with neutron and synchrotron radiation: For over 2.5 years, the technology transfer centre ANAXAM has been operating on behalf of industry, and it has completed more than 70 successful customer projects with international industry and research partners to date – time for a look back.

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21 November 2022
PSI spin-off Excelsus contributes to systems for effective drug distribution.

PSI spin-off contributes to systems for effective drug distribution

A fruitful collaboration between our spin-off Excelsus Structural Solutions, Novartis Pharma Basel, the Institute of Crystallography of the CNR (Centro Nazionale Ricerche) in Bari, Italy and the University La Sapienza in Rome brought to the development of a simple theoretical model that describes the structure and functionality of a VitE-TPGS drug delivery system (DDS) of micelles with dimensions in the nanoscale.

This can play an important role in the efficient distribution of a drug in the body and opens the gate to new opportunities for the pharmaceutical industry.

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27 October 2022
The Technology Briefing of Empa, CSEM and PSI will take place at Empa in Dübendorf on 1 December.

Technology Briefing Photovoltaics - Technologies, System Integration and Implications

A Technology Briefing on photovoltaics will be held at Empa in Dübendorf on 1 December.

When: 01.12.2022; 14:00 - 18:00

Where: Empa Academy, Dübendorf

The event, jointly organized by the research institutes CSEM, Empa and PSI, will highlight the potential of photovoltaics, present next-generation PV technologies and address questions about how the technical system integration of the plants can succeed and what impact greater dependence on PV will have on our CO2 emissions, material consumption and the economy.

The event is aimed at experts and interested parties from industry and research. Learn more about how solar energy can help us to meet our growing energy needs while contributing to our climate goals.

We look forward to your participation!

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20 October 2022
The Excelsus Structural Solutions team. Fabia Gozzo can be seen in the front centre. (Photo: Excelsus Structural Solutions)

10 Years anniversary of Excelsus

A reason to celebrate: The PSI spin-off "Excelsus Structural Solutions" will commemorate its 10th anniversary from 20 to 21 October 2022 at Park Innovaare in Villigen. The company uses PSI's large-scale research facilities to carry out measurements for clients primarily from the pharmaceutical industry.

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12 October 2022
G.V. Shivashankar is head of the Laboratory of Nanoscale Biology at Paul Scherrer Institute, Professor of Mechano-Genomics, ETH Zurich and a recognized leader in mechanogenomics with strong expertise in cellular reprogramming.

PSI and Apollo Health Ventures launch Focal Biosciences

PSI and Apollo Health Ventures have launched Focal Biosciences. The newly established biotech company aims to redefine the treatment of age-related diseases by reprogramming deregulated processes in cells that cause the detrimental processes underlying many serious diseases of aging that represent a significant health burden. The newly founded entity will initially operate out of the Paul Scherrer Institute.

We wish Focal Biosciences every success for the further development of the company.

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5 October 2022
Araris Biotech AG is a Spin-off company of PSI and ETH Zürich.

Araris Biotech successfully closes financing round

Araris Biotech AG is a spin-off company of PSI and ETH Zurich, which is engaged in the development of novel antibody-drug compounds for the targeted therapy of cancer cells. The company has successfully closed a financing round in the amount of 24 million US dollars. Proceeds from the financing round, which was led by 4BIO Capital and Pureos Bioventures with participation from new investors, will be used to further develop Araris' antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) candidates. Araris is thus one step closer to its goal of helping cancer patients better and more effectively.

Dr. Philipp Spycher, CEO of Araris Biotech AG began his entrepreneurial endeavors with the PSI Founder Fellowship that helped kick-start his ideas of building a business around the technology that he helped to develop at PSI.

We are delighted with the success of Araris and congratulate the team warmly on this milestone!

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