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6 April 2021
TATTOOS - Provision of a variety of tools for theragnostic applications

TATTOOS - innovative radiopharmaceuticals for theragnostics

Online Symposium on the provision of innovative diagnostic and therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals for a paradigm shift in cancer therapy

The approach of using radioisotopes of the same element for theragnostics has been successfully investigated in previous preclinical studies. The PSIs Tattoos Infrastructure Project will allow the production and subsequent investigation of four interesting “sister” Therbium radionuclides for all modalities in diagnostic and therapeutic nuclear medicine. The virtual Mini Symposium hosted by PSIs specialist will give interested participants the opportunity to listen to and question experts in this emerging field of personalized medicine.

Please find more information on the program and registration for the online symposium:

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12 February 2021
Mock-up on the Innovation Campus construction site

Park Innovaare Innovation Campus: Mock-up model in place

Construction work on the Park Innovaare innovation campus, which began in November 2019, is progressing very well. In the meantime, the construction progress is clearly visible. The Innovation Campus consists of two main buildings (A1 and B1), in which entire floors as well as individual offices and laboratory spaces will be rented out. A1 and B1 are connected by a passageway on the first floor.

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1 February 2021
Interior view of SLS

Industry-Webinar: SLS 2.0 Upgrade Program

We are pleased to invite interested national and international companies to our information webinar for the SLS 2.0 (Swiss Light Source) upgrade project in Villigen, Switzerland.

This webinar will be broadcast on the 9th February 2020 from 10:00 to 12:30 CET.

The event is jointly organised by the PSI (Paul Scherrer Institute) and the Swiss ILO (Industry Liaison Office for Research Institutions). During this webinar we will provide information on the PSI procurement rules, an introduction to the SLS 2.0 project and an overview of the upcoming SLS 2.0 commercial tenders.

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21 January 2021
Dr Gergely Huszka (left) and Dr Florian Döring (rechts) work together with a motivated team on the success of the start-up XRnanotech.

XRnanotech: a Spin-off is launched!

XRnanotech, the latest PSI spin-off, is working on nanostructured X-ray optics that make the smallest things - the world of the nanometer - visible. Founded only a few months ago, the start-up already has numerous successes to its credit and is already in talks with its first customers and investors.

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15 December 2020
Dr. Roger Herger - CEO & Founder maXerials AG

From synchrotron to CEO

Roger Herger wrote his diploma thesis and doctoral dissertation on X-ray diffraction of complex metal oxides at the Swiss Light Source (SLS) synchrotron. At the end of June 2020, he founded the high-tech startup maXerial, together with two business partners. Their goal: to combine industrial X-ray technology with artificial intelligence. We trace his path from research to entrepreneur and show how cutting-edge PSI know-how and laboratory-based X-ray technology ideally complement each other to solve the challenges of the Swiss high-tech industry by means of data-driven materials development.

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30 November 2020
Agnese Carino, former doctoral student at PSI, developed a novel coating for small implants together with Medicoat AG. (Image source Arbeitswelt Aargau 4/2020)

From research at PSI to the Aargauer SME Medicoat AG

Even as a doctoral student at PSI, Agnese Carino wanted to put the findings of her research into practice and did not hesitate to present her business idea to the CEO of Medicoat AG, Philipp Gruner. She wanted to develop a novel coating for small implants, which accelerates the recovery of the patient, into a product. Supported by the Hightech Zentrum Aargau this was the starting point of the joint SNI project NanoCoat. Carino was awarded the Founder Fellowship by PSI for her business idea. This program supports the transition from promising research findings to marketable products. We are pleased that Dr. Carino is now working with Medicoat to advance the commercialization of this technology.

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12 November 2020
SIF 2020: "it's time to innovate - NOW"

PSI at the Swiss Innovation Forum!

This year's Swiss Innovation Forum takes place from 17th - 19th November as a 3-day virtual conference. Under the motto "It's time to innovate - NOW" the focus is on creativity, innovation and technology. Which technological trends will conquer the market? And what impact will Covid-19 have on future innovations? These and other questions will be addressed at this year's Swiss Innovation Forum.

PSI will be there - visit us at our virtual booth and find out more about how the technology transfer centre ANAXAM uses state-of-the-art material analysis to support both industry and SMEs in optimising production methods and processes, thus creating the basis for innovations.

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3 November 2020
Dr. Florian Döring, CEO and Founder of XRNanotech

PSI Spin-off XRNanotech wins Swiss BIC of CERN Technologies 2020

With its extraordinary X-ray optics, XRNanotech GmbH, PSI's latest spin-off, was able to convince the jury of the "Business Incubation Centre (BIC) of CERN Technologies" programme of Park Innovaare and prevail over the other finalists. As the winner of this programme, the start-up will receive CHF 50,000 as well as further support from the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland, CERN and PSI.

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