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6 October 2020
Smart Energy Applied Solutions

Technology Briefing: Smart Energy Applied Solutions

Wednesday, November 11, 2020, from 13:30 to 18:00

Empa, Überlandstrasse 129, 8600 Dübendorf  (Participation possible on site OR via Zoom)

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The conference series aims at informing our industry and business partners about pressing issues of practical relevance. Speakers representing CSEM, Empa, PSI and industry will cover a well-balanced and practice-oriented overview of the latest technologies. The event also provides a platform for knowledge sharing and exchange of experiences, allowing the identification of potential cooperation and further innovation.

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23 September 2020
The ANAXAM-Team (f.l.t.r.): CEO Dr. Christian Grünzweig, Matthias Wagner (CTO), Dr. Cynthia Chang (CSO), Philippe Würsch (Technician), and Prof. Dr. Frithjof Nolting, President ANAXAM.

ANAXAM on track for success!

Several months have now passed since the new technology transfer centre "ANAXAM" was founded. Under the management of Dr. Christian Grünzweig and in close cooperation with PSI, ANAXAM is on the road to success for industry - time for a brief review.

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10 September 2020
From the Laboratory to the Clinic: PSI-researcher at work.

Debiopharm: New generation radionuclide therapy in the fight against lung cancer

Debio 1124 - a compound developed at PSI and out-licensed to the Swiss company Debiopharm - is being tested in a clinical phase I study in patients with small cell lung cancer, as Debiopharm has published in a press release. The peptide binds highly specifically to proteins found on tumour cells in this type of cancer. If Debio 1124 is coupled to a nuclide, it can be used both to detect the tumour with imaging procedures and therapeutically to destroy the tumour cells bound in this way.

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24 August 2020
Park Innovaare under construction

Park Innovaare: The new building is proceeding according to plan

Since the ground-breaking ceremony for the Park Innovaare last November, the construction of the new Innovation Park has been progressing at a rapid pace. Research and industry will work closely together there to bring innovations to market. The new building should be ready for occupancy by the end of 2023.

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5 August 2020
Elian Pusceddu, CEO und Co-Founder von Gaia Membranes, talks about his experiences in the development of the startup Gaia Membranes.

From the lab to the market: deep tech entrepreneurs talk about their journey

Although Switzerland is championed as a world leader at innovation, it is less celebrated for its start-up culture. Does the country have what it takes to produce, finance and nurture the technology of the future? A new documentary explores that question. Our spin-off Gaia Membranes talks about their experiences as a swiss startup.


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8 July 2020
ELDICO Scientific closes seed financing round of CHF 1.5 million: (f.l.t.r.) Dr. Gustavo Santiso (Chief Scientific Officer), Nils Gebhardt (CFO), Dr. Eric Hovestreydt (CEO), Dr. Gunther Steinfeld (CTO)

ELDICO Scientific AG closes seed financing round of CHF 1.5 million

One year following its incorporation, ELDICO Scientific, benefitting from research and development cooperations with the PSI, has successfully closed a seed funding round. The company raised almost CHF 1.5 million from private and institutional investors, BERNINA BioInvest, several industry-savvy private investors, the Aargauische Kantonalbank (AKB) and Venture Kick. ELDICO will be launching the first electron diffractometer specially designed for nano-crystallographic research.

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25 June 2020
XRnanotech: PSI Fellow Florian Döring

VentureKick: PSI Fellow wins 40'000 CHF

The PSI Fellow Florian Döring (PostDoc in the «Photon Science» Division) receives Venture Kick's second stage of pre-seed funding, network support, and entrepreneurial training.

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10 June 2020
Dr. Zhaochu Luo arbeitet an einem Logic-in-Memory-Gerät

Domain Wall Logic (Spintronics) using CMOS compatible production processes

Scientists from Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) and ETH Zurich have taken a big step towards making Spintronic devices manufacturable based on processes used in CMOS microchip production. So called Domain Wall Logic circuits can store many different non-volatile magnetic states (bits) directly within the circuit. Such a logic-in-memory device would restart in the exact state it had before a power loss and could immediately continue whatever process was underway at the time of the power loss. The team led by Professors Gambardella and Heyderman demonstrated a working proof of concept Domain Wall Logic Adder that fundamentally merges storage and processing operations in a single circuit opening  the doors Spintronic chips.

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4 June 2020
Membranprotein M: Das häufigste Protein auf der Virushülle.

Supporting the Worlds Scientist in their efforts to against COVID-19

The current Coronavirus pandemic has scientists worldwide collaborating extensively to learn about the virus and develop vaccines as well as therapeutics. Together with scientific and industrial partners including the Paul Scherrer Institute, our spin-off leadXpro has developed a method to provide the research and development community with SARS-CoV-2 M protein. This M protein that is an important part of the virus capsule is a potential target for drugs against the virus. We are happy to invite interested parties wishing to receive protein to contact leadXpro. 


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