Laboratory for Muon Spin Spectroscopy (LMU)


The PSI Laboratory for Muon Spin Spectroscopy uses the fundamental particles from the Swiss Muon Source SµS to investigate matter and materials. 

Call for Proposals

Next Deadline: Call I/2025 December 01, 2024.

A research tool using muons as sensitive local magnetic probes in matter.

Worldwide unique instruments:
The Low-Energy Muon (LEM) beam and µSR Spectrometer for the study of thin films, layers and surfaces;
the high-field instrument (HAL-9500) equipped with specially designed detectors to perform studies in fields up to 9.5 Tesla and at very low temperatures;
and the combination of very-high pressures (up to 2.8 GPa) combined with sub-Kelvin temperatures (GPD).