About the Lab

The Laboratory for Muon Spin Spectroscopy is responsible for the operation and development of the six user friendly instruments of the Swiss Muon Source SμS. Over the past 30 years SμS evolved from a small group of experiments designed and run by a relatively small community of engaged and interested scientists to a user facility with more than 200 proposals per year, several hundreds of users, and six permanently installed instruments. Our research focuses on topical problems in magnetism, superconductivity and other fields of materials science of bulk materials, thin films and hetero-structures.

Besides its research activities, LMU is characterized by a vigorous development program, which, just to name a few, led to the development of muons on request, low energy μSR, or the pioneering use of solid state detectors for μSR spectrometers. In the same spirit substantial progress has been made recently towards the new high-field, low-temperature instrument. This novel instrument will essentially contribute to maintain PSI as a world-wide leading center in μSR science. Moreover, recent studies indicate that the potential of μSR is by far not exhausted at PSI.

Education and training of students is an important part of our mission. Trainees, master and PhD students at LMU are involved in development and research projects, where they profit from direct access to the instruments at SμS and at other local research facilities. They find a stimulating environment with world-leading experts, and they benefit from the multidisciplinary environment at PSI.