Department of Electronics and Control Systems (AEK)

The department Electronics and Control Systems (Abteilung Elektronik und Kontrollsysteme, AEK) is the competence center for the control and monitoring, data acquisition, development and maintenance of hardware, firmware, and software systems which are required for the operation of the electron and proton accelerator facilities, with their associated beamlines and experimental stations, at PSI.

In order to fulfill the high demands from these sub-systems the application of innovative and cutting-edge technology is essential. Special emphasis is placed on the reliability and maintainability of electronics and software obtained through highly standardized commercial “off-the-shelf” components, in order to guarantee a high availability of the accelerator sub-systems.

Teams of technicians, electrical engineers, software engineers, and physicists design, develop and operate a variety of highly specialized hardware and software sub-systems in close collaboration with the experts of the different accelerator technology groups, operation teams, beam physicists and beamline scientists.

Electronics and Control Systems
5232 Villigen PSI