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The Paul Scherrer Institute, PSI, is the largest research institute for natural and engineering sciences within Switzerland. We perform world-class research in three main subject areas: Matter and Material; Energy and the Environment; and Human Health. By conducting fundamental and applied research, we work on long-term solutions for major challenges facing society, industry and science.
18 June 2020
Patente als Trumpf Teaser

Patents as trump cards

Industrial co-operation

John Millard is head of Technology Transfer at PSI. Intellectual property also falls within this area. In an interview, he tells how PSI protects its knowledge with patents and, thanks to its patents, further strengthens collaboration with industry and other research institutions.

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2 June 2020
Teaser Patente

Research with a patent

Industrial co-operation

At PSI, researchers develop innovative technologies, new biological agents, and more precise measuring instruments. Through this work they not only advance science, but also boost the Swiss economy. The best ideas are protected by patents and make PSI a sought-after partner for industry.

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20 May 2020
Petr Skopintsev (links), Jörg Standfuss (Mitte) und Christopher Milne (rechts) an der Experimentierstation Alvra am Freie-Elektronen-Röntgenlaser SwissFEL

Elucidating the mechanism of a light-driven sodium pump

Media Releases Biology SwissFEL

Researchers at the Paul Scherrer Institute PSI have succeeded for the first time in recording a light-driven sodium pump from bacterial cells in action. The findings promise progress in developing new methods in neurobiology. The researchers used the new X-ray free-electron laser SwissFEL for their investigations.

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