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The Paul Scherrer Institute, PSI, is the largest research institute for natural and engineering sciences within Switzerland. We perform world-class research in three main subject areas: Matter and Material; Energy and the Environment; and Human Health. By conducting fundamental and applied research, we work on long-term solutions for major challenges facing society, industry and science.
3 February 2020
Teaser Mobilität von morgen

Toward better motors with X-ray light

Energy and Environment Renewable Energies

Making Switzerland's road traffic fit for the future calls for research, first and foremost. In the large-scale research facilities of PSI, chemists and engineers are investigating how to improve the efficiency of motors and reduce their emissions.

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29 January 2020
Künstlerische Darstellung der ESA-Raumsonde Solar Orbiter

Swiss STIX X-ray telescope sets off for the sun

Matter and Material Industrial co-operation

On 10 February, the ESA mission Solar Orbiter is scheduled to start. The Swiss X-ray telescope STIX will be launching too – with detectors developed at PSI.

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16 January 2020
Teaser Interview Adelmann

Simulation: The third pillar of science

Biology Matter and Material Large Research Facilities

PSI researchers simulate and model large-scale research facilities as well as experiments, for example, in the materials and biological sciences. Andreas Adelmann, head of PSI's Laboratory for Scientific Computing and Modelling, explains how they do it.

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