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Towards compact quantum computers, thanks to topology

In pursuit of particularly stable quantum bits, researchers have closely examined the electron distribution in two semiconductors.

Millions in funding for brain and quantum research

The European Research Council approves PSI projects for the development of a quantum computer and brain research worth about 5 million euros.

More insight into how vision works

PSI scientists have shed light on the structure of an important component of the eye: CNG ion channels whose job is to relay optical signals to the brain.

The power of protons

This gallery presents five people who have been treated at the PSI's Center for Proton Therapy.

The Paul Scherrer Institute, PSI, is the largest research institute for natural and engineering sciences within Switzerland.

The Paul Scherrer Institute

The Paul Scherrer Institute PSI is a research institute for natural and engineering sciences, conducting cutting-edge research in the fields of matter and materials, energy and the environment and human health. By performing fundamental and applied research, we work on sustainable solutions for the major challenges facing society, science and the economy.

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