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The Paul Scherrer Institute, PSI, is the largest research institute for natural and engineering sciences within Switzerland. We perform world-class research in three main subject areas: Matter and Material; Energy and the Environment; and Human Health. By conducting fundamental and applied research, we work on long-term solutions for major challenges facing society, industry and science.

19 March 2020
So zeigte sich «Athos» am 17. Dezember 2019 auf dem Bildschirm im Kontrollraum: als kompakter Röntgenlaserstrahl.

Athos is making great strides

SwissFEL Matter and Material Large Research Facilities

The new beamline at PSI's X-ray free-electron laser SwissFEL will soon be ready for action. In December, Athos delivered laser light for the first time − even sooner than expected, to the delight of the researchers responsible for its construction.

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13 March 2020
Teaser: Erstmals chemische Reaktionen direkt im Feinstaub nachgewiesen

First-time direct proof of chemical reactions in particulates

Media Releases Enviroment Energy and Environment

Researchers at the Paul Scherrer Institute PSI have developed a new method to analyse particulate matter more precisely than ever before. With its help, they disproved an established doctrine: that molecules in aerosols undergo no further chemical transformations because they are enclosed in other particulate matter.

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11 March 2020
Teaser Nanowelten in 3-D

Nanoworlds in 3-D

Matter and Material Materials Research Research Using Synchrotron Light

Tomographic images from the interior of fossils, brain cells, or computer chips are yielding new insights into the finest of structures. These 3-D images are made possible by the X-ray beams of the Swiss Light Source SLS, together with detectors and sophisticated computer algorithms developed at PSI.

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