Frontpage of the Paul Scherrer Institut (PSI)

What can’t be bought, we develop ourselves

Many components for the experiments the researchers at PSI just develop themselves.

Extreme nighttime pollution in New Delhi air explained

PSI researchers find the cause of high nighttime air pollution in New Delhi

How can we secure our gas supply?

Switzerland depends entirely on foreign gas imports. How can we escape from this dependence and guarantee our gas supply? Synthetic methane might be a solution.

Music at PSI

Sometimes musicians drown out the technical background noise at PSI.

Using light to switch drugs on and off

PSI researchers record a molecular film of a cancer drug fitted with a photoswitch. This opens new insights for drug developers.

A greener alternative for aviation fuel

Air travel with no carbon footprint – PSI and the Metafuels AG develop a new technology to produce sustainable aviation fuel.

The Paul Scherrer Institute, PSI, is the largest research institute for natural and engineering sciences within Switzerland.

The Paul Scherrer Institute

The Paul Scherrer Institute PSI is a research institute for natural and engineering sciences, conducting cutting-edge research in the fields of future technologies, energy and climate, health innovation and fundamentals of nature. By performing fundamental and applied research, we work on sustainable solutions for the major challenges facing society, science and the economy.

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