The PSI as an organisation

Research Committee

Prof. Dr. Marco Stampanoni (ETHZ)

Human Resources Management

Karsten Bugmann

Center for Proton Therapy

Prof. Dr. Damien Weber
(University of Zurich, University of Bern)

Quantum Criticality and Dynamics

Prof. Dr. Christian Rüegg i.P.

Prof. Dr. Christian Rüegg
(University of Geneva, ETHZ, EPFL)

Members of the board of directors

Prof. Dr. Gabriel Aeppli* (ETHZ, EPFL)
Dr. Peter Allenspach
Prof. Dr. Andreas Pautz (EPFL)
Prof. Dr. Thomas J. Schmidt
Prof. Dr. Mike Seidel
Dr. Thierry Strässle*

(* Executive Commitee / Deputy Directors)

Directorate Support

Dr. Thierry Strässle

Human Resources Management

Karsten Bugmann


Dr. Werner Roser


Dr. Mirjam van Daalen


Dr. Ines Günther-Leopold
Dr. Michèle Erat

Finance and Administrative Services

Dr. Frank Behner

Technology Transfer

John Millard

PSI Center for Life Sciences 

Prof. Dr. Michel Steinmetz a.i.

PSI Center for Neutron and Muon Sciences 

Dr. Alex Amato a.i.

PSI Center for Nuclear Engineering and Sciences 

Prof. Dr. Andreas Pautz (EPFL)

PSI Center for Energy and Environmental Sciences 

Prof. Dr. Thomas J. Schmidt (ETHZ)

PSI Center for Photon Science 

Prof. Dr. Gabriel Aeppli (ETHZ, EPFL)

PSI Center for Scientific Computing, Theory and Data 

Prof. Dr. Christian Rüegg a.i. (University of Geneva, ETHZ, EPFL)

PSI Center for Accelerator Science and Engineering 

Prof. Dr. Mike Seidel (EPFL)

PSI Center for Corporate Services 

Dr. Peter Allenspach