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The PSI Career Center supports PSI staff with career-related questions since 2018. Our services are mainly aimed at PhD students and postdocs. Other PSI employees can take advantage of them provided there is capacity, and after agreement with HR.

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The goals of our work, our mission, and self-conception are described in our vision.


We offer services for PSI employees, companies, and external clients.

About us

Get to know the people behind the PSI Career Center.

A lot happened during the first kick-off of CONNECT - most importantly, the statement 'I already feel better about myself and my career perspectives' half an hour into the event! Plus, reflecting on where we are career-wise, learning about opportunities, CVs and interviews, and getting to know each other. 

Thank you to PSI alumna and APP consultant Gesara Bimashofer for 'a clear overview what skills I have for consulting', and for encouraging the audience 'to be more open to opportunities' by making it clear that 'you're worth more than you think'. Insightful event with great feedback!

What is a 'good' career? Not an easy question, and definitely not one that was solved after this one-hour talk. Anyways, thanks a lot for the opportunitiy to raise some more questions, and get the new group of PSI Fellows started on their career planning.

What a pleasure to talk to this inspiring and supportive group of physicists about career choices, and answering all the many questions about decisions and next steps, challenging situations and how to communicate them, good supervision, and interviews. 

A big thank you to everyone involved and especially the organizers from ETHZ and UZH for a great exchange on 'The Future of Skills - The Skills of the Future' between company representatives and career professionals. 

Even though - or actually because - I love my job, I need holidays every once in a while. The Career Center is closed from Aug 5th to 20th. Counseling sessions are available until Aug 3rd and after Aug 25th - please be considerate of others and book no more than one session. Happy summer!