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Their competencies include data analysis, programming, visualization and reporting of complex data, project planning and management, and communication with different target groups. They have experience working in international and interdisciplinary teams, are self-organized and fast learners, and thus versatile. This is a short description of the young talents at PSI. Do you want to know more, and get in contact with these highly qualified and motivated specialized workers? Do you want to showcase your company and position yourself as attractive employer? Do you want to recruit tomorrow's experts and leaders?

The PSI Career Center helps you strengthen your presence at PSI and create interest amongst our PhDs and postdocs. By becoming a partner of the PSI Career Center you not only take the opportunity to raise awareness about your company, but also help us prepare PhDs and postdocs for their careers. 

At PSI, you will find highly qualified young talents in the areas of future technologies, energy and climate, health innovation and fundamentals of nature. One quarter of PSI’s employees (~2200 in 2021) are PhD students, postdocs, or apprentices. Most of the 310 (in 2021) PhD students have backgrounds in physics, chemistry, or engineering. But what experience do they have, what are their competencies, and which jobs may get their interest? Learn more about the young talents leaving PSI.

Do you want to showcase your company, highlight areas of expertise or competencies you are particularly interested in, describe what you offer to our talents, and encourage them to work with you? Then you have the opportunity to place your logo and company profile on our website - and be present 24/7 all year. With the company profile, you can include links to company movies and events, outline the application and hiring process, and provide hints for CVs or interviews.

Do you want to introduce your company, promote career events, or raise awareness for your graduate and mentorship programs to 500+ talents? The Career Mail is distributed directly to their inboxes around the 20th of each month. Additionally, the Career Mail is archived on our Intranet where it is available to all PSI employees, and in the PSI LinkedIn group with about 1200 members (current employees and alumni). Events will also be added to our event calendar. Find out more about your contribution to the Career Mail and event calendar here.

If you are specifically looking for highly qualified specialist workers, you may want to announce open positions directly to PSI’s young talents. The easiest way to do so is to place the advertisements on our job platform.

Would you like to present yourself on-site at PSI, online, or with a hybrid presentation, and get in direct contact with our talents? Rather than standard company presentations, we recommend topics that are interesting to those entering the job market. Get in touch to plan your career event, and for advice on topics that resonate with our talents. 

The Career Guide is a workbook featuring a collection of self-reflection exercises, advice and templates for the job search and application process, and inspirational career stories. Do you want to advertise your company in the Career Guide, provide insight into your recruiting and hiring process, or list reasons why PSI talents should choose you?

In 2024, PSI offers its first career fair, providing a platform to get to know and interact with the PSI community. Present your company at this one-day event and recruit PSI's talents. 

Would you like to come to PSI and interview a number of interested scientists? Get in touch with us to organize your interview session

Would you like to invite a small group of selected PSI talents to your site, show them the facilities, and introduce career opportunities? We are happy to organize a company visit

Become a partner of the PSI Career Center, and showcase your attractiveness as an employer, interact with PSI PhDs and postdocs, and profit from our services all while supporting young talents in entering the job market. Benefit from our attractive partner packages.

Become a partner or sponsor of CONNECT to reach not just PSI talents, but also female PhDs and postdocs at ETHZ, EPFL, Empa, Eawag, WSL, UZH, several NCCRs and other institutions. The program aims at connecting female STEM scientists with role models working in the industry or public administration, thus offering young researchers the opportunity to gain insight into non-academic career paths. As participating company, you benefit from the direct exchange with highly qualified and motivated potential employees, and from the opportunity to position yourself as attractive employer that values diversity.