Company Visit

Convince PSI talents to continue their career with you by showing them their future workplace, introducing role models and their career paths, or having your management present the company vision. We help you put together an interesting program, advertise the company visit among PSI talents, collect applications, and accompany them during the day. You define the maximum number of participants, select suitable candidates and communicate your decision, and decide on the structure of the day.

Content that is likely to resonate with PSI talents:

  • Career paths of role models, especially those with a science background and non-linear career paths, and when they are willing to talk about insecurities, plans that did not quite work out and how they managed to be successful in the end
  • Insights into the hiring process and advice how their applications/interviews will be successful
  • Information on development opportunities, salary, benefits, working conditions
  • Q&A with people who just started in your company
  • Seeing your laboratories or production facilities
  • Informal interaction during coffee or lunch break

We are happy to organize an event with you. Contact us at careercenter(at)