Services for PSI Staff

Do you want to actively reflect on your career and plan your next steps? Do you want to ensure a good start into your new role at PSI? Is your contract about to end and you want to find a new job that fits your interests? Do you want feedback on your application documents or train for a job interview? Are you looking for better working strategies?

The PSI Career Center is here to support you with these and other career-related questions. We mainly cater to PhDs and postdocs. However, upon agreement with HR, also other PSI employees can benefit from our services. Just choose the type of service that fits your needs and get in touch:

The PSI Career Center offers courses on career-relevant topics, e.g. career planning, working strategies for PhDs and postdocs, application documents and interview preparation. The Career Center is also involved in Introduction to Swiss and PSI Culture, Workshop for Supervisors and Mentoring für Nachwuchsführungskräfte.

Courses can be booked on the Intranet > Services and Tools > Training

Your contract is about to end and you are unsure about your next career move? You do not know what competencies you have or how to fit into your new role at PSI? Are you always ending up helping everyone else with no time for your own work? Do you want to improve your happiness at work, or are you looking for feedback on your application documents? 

Book your individual counseling session - confidential and free of charge for PSI PhDs and postdocs. Other employees can benefit from this service after agreement with HR.

Up-to-date information on career events and courses, inspirational career paths, and job postings delivered directly to your inbox around the 20th of each month. Sign up by sending a message to careercenter(at), and access older versions of the Career Mail on the intranet.

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Career-related events at PSI and nationwide 

Information, tips and tricks for career planning, career development, and your application process.

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What do you need to know and where can you get help if you want to find a job in Switzerland after your stay at PSI?

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Get to know and keep in touch with other PSI people in this private group 

The CONNECT program aims at connecting female STEM scientists with role models working in the industry or public administration. The program offers young researchers the opportunity to gain insight into non-academic career paths. At the same time, participating companies benefit from the direct exchange with highly qualified and motivated potential employees, and from the opportunity to position themselves as attractive employers that value diversity.