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9 March 2023

From the outside, you see a successful scientist – but what is behind?

Working strategies

Do you sometimes get frustrated when you scroll through social media and see the new positions your contacts are about to start and the grants or prizes they are awarded? Do others’ success stories make you feel small and incapable? Is it true that everyone else is super-successful while you are struggling, or what is behind the others’ success?

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5 December 2022

How to be happier at work

Working strategies

Do you know this feeling of sitting in the lab, totally bored because you are just doing the same measurement for the umpteenth time, thinking that nobody needs to study for 5+ years to do what you are doing right now? What about the feeling of having put a huge amount of effort into your paper writing, working late to get everything ready in time – only to get it back all red from your supervisor’s corrections? Or having a reviewer (who clearly doesn’t understand your study) state it is not new or original enough, or not getting any response for ages? Add to this an instrument that breaks down just before your last measurement, a PC that crashes just before the model finished calculating, and you have a great recipe to frustrate a scientist. This blog post helps you get rid of the frustration and be happier at and with your work.

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2 November 2022

What happens during career counseling?


What are you going to do with me now?’ or ‘I didn’t really know what to expect’ are sentences I often hear at the beginning of a counseling session. Not knowing what will happen can make us quite nervous, and for some this nervousness is even a reason to say ‘my questions are not that important, I don’t need counseling’. I congratulate each and every one of you who had the courage to come to a counseling session. It does take courage to expose yourself, not knowing what will come. For those who were secretly wondering what happens behind closed doors in my counseling room, let’s have a look at what career counseling is about.

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6 October 2022

You must be crazy! Why would someone with your track record leave science?

Career Planning Decision-making

You are good at your job, you are successful, you have achieved what most of us are aiming for, you are inspiring the new generation. How can you think about doing something else? What would the community do without you? Who will take care of the lab?

People having opinions about our career choices is inevitable. How do you deal with it? And what happens when you decide to follow a path that others think is crazy?

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16 May 2022
self assessment

Self-analysis - fascinating instrument or tool by the devil?


While we ask ourselves every now and then whether we are still happy in our private lives, we often hesitate to do the same in our professional lives. Why this should be necessary?

Taking the time to assess your own professional situation is very valuable. Especially because nowadays a career is almost never straightforward, it is often helpful to be aware of certain points.  

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26 April 2022
To tackle

How I tackled post-PhD imposter syndrome

Career Planning

Kelsey Inouye's job search has given her panic attacks and dented her self-esteem. But she has learned to deal with rejection. This blog post originally appeared as such on Nature's website and was adapted almost 1:1 from there. What Kelsey learned from her time after her PhD confirms what is taught in career counselling sessions at PSI: Focusing only on finding a job ends up being counterproductive.

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17 March 2022

A recipe for career planning - one ingredient should never be forgotten

Career Planning

Plan a career, visualise your future job and set yourself precise goals. This is often the sort of good and well-intentioned advice given by friends, relatives and career counsellors when it comes to planning one's professional future. There is no recipe with a guarantee of success and, above all, one particular ingredient should never be forgotten: Happenstance.

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