Safety Guidelines

Our wish is to make your stay at PSI as safe as possible. Nevertheless it is your responsibility to follow the PSI general safety instructions to protect yourself and others. Please have a look at the short instructions and the respective links below.

You will need to complete an online safety training before you can start to work at one of the PSI large scale user facilities.The training is integrated into the badge application procedure via the DUO system and needs to be completed every 2 years.

PSI requires that you and your coworkers comply with all the institute's safety rules and regulations while working on the premises. The main proposers (first authors) formally agree to this by checking the box on the proposal web form. With this you agree to this declaration.

The same holds for all visitors: during the badge application procedure you also need to comply with the PSI safety regulations.

Before you can start with your experiment you will get an introduction into the safety relevant specifics of the respective beamline by your local contact. A short protocol of that introduction must be signed by the user group leader who is also responsible to share that information with all members of the experimental team.

You can download the formsheet of the introduction protocol below:

Please find more information about the handling of radioactive samples here!

Please be aware that biological samples like tissue or proteins must fulfill bio-safety level 1 requirements. Otherwise they must not be handled at PSI.

If your proposed experiment involves animals please carefully study the guidelines for animal experiments. For further information please also contact the PSI animal welfare officer.

If you intend to work with other possibly dangerous materials and/or devices (cryogenics, laser, biologicals etc.) you (together with your local contact) are required to contact the local PSI safety specialists.

Further Information

  • Online safety course
    You will need to complete an online safety training. The training is integrated into the badge application procedure via the DUO system.
  • Radioactive samples
    Useful instructions when dealing with radioactive samples
  • Legal regulations
    Please inform yourself about the Swiss legal regulations regarding safety
  • Precautionary issues
    Expectant mothers should pay attention to the special recommendations regarding radiation safety during their stay at PSI
  • Emergency Instructions
    How to behave in case of emergency