PSI Pocket

PSI Pocket ist eine Webanwendung, die Ihnen während Ihres Aufenthaltes bei PSI einige nützliche Informationen bietet.


Before taking the following steps, you should first clear the cache and reload the page.
In addition, the following points are mandatory for loading the page content:

  • Connected to the Internet
  • Availability of interfaces

System Requirements

Android: 5.0+

iOS: 11.0+

Browser Requirements

Chrome: ✔

Firefox: ✔

Safari: ✔

Edge: 79+

IE11: X

Empty cache


Note that by doing so, you will opt out of all websites that you have signed up to. Follow these steps to clear the Safari cache on your iPhone:

  1. Open the settings and scroll down to the fifth option group. Tap Safari.
  2. Scroll down again and tap Clear History and Web Site Data.


Note that this will reset your settings:

  1. Open the settings.
  2. Tap Apps.
  3. Scroll down and tap PSI Pocket.
  4. Tap on Memory and then on Clear Cache.


White screen at startup

  • Reason: No Internet connection when opening the app.
  • Solution: Clear Cache.

App is frozen

  • Reason: No Internet connection when using the app.
  • Solution: Restore Internet connection and clear cache if necessary.