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E-Mail Mailbox

Access to the personal mail profile incl. calendar and contact data based on Microsoft Exchange.
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The mail archive service creates a copy in the archive store of all the mailitems that are read, not in the “deleted objects” system folder, and whose modification or expiration date is older than 30 days. The archive store is a separate storage system, which does not allow any modification of the archived mail items. The store can be searched through a web interface and archived items can be restored into the mailbox.
Available on all current web browser at:



The Mail Filtering Service scans incoming mail for spam, phishing, malware and scam messages. Incoming mail passes through the filter gateways before it reaches the mail servers.
Manage your personal quarantine on:


For further information, do not hesitate to contact the PSI ServiceDesk. Tel: +41 56 310 4800