At PSI, the Exchange Online email service is used. It includes an email security spam filter and an email encryption service amongst other things.


If you have a valid PSI IT account, you can log in using MFA (multifactor authentication). Normally you set this up when you first logged in. Otherwise you can do so here.

You can log in to the service using the following email client applications:

Platform Application
Web Outlook Web App
Windows Outlook Desktop App (2019)
Mac Mac Mail or Outlook Desktop App (2019)
Linux Thunderbird or Evolution
Android Outlook App or Gmail
iOS Outlook App or iOS Mail


The PSI email service is based on the currently available security standards in the email environment.

Do you need to communicate with the PSI via encrypted email? The email system of the PSI supports standard encryption products, but we are also happy to help you encrypt your email. For that please contact: