Access to PSI's large research facilities

The expertise, state-of-the-art facilities, and research infrastructures of PSI are available to your company.

As the depth of analysis increases, larger and more specialized equipment is required to investigate material structures. This is where PSI excels: we operate a variety of such advanced facilities, which can significantly benefit small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). With PSI's large-scale research facilities, material investigations can be conducted that are not feasible elsewhere.

Our large-scale research facilities essentially act like giant microscopes, providing detailed insights into materials. These unique insights form the foundation for technological advancement and innovation in your company.

The Swiss Light Source (SLS) is one of several large-scale research facilities available for industrial applications.

Leverage Our Expertise for Your Company!

Operating and maintaining our large-scale research facilities at PSI requires a wealth of additional technologies, skills, and instruments. This offers a broad spectrum of potential collaboration opportunities for your company. We have extensive expertise and technical capabilities in various fields such as data acquisition and processing, high-speed electronics, high-frequency technology, mechatronics, prototyping, lithography, and many more.

Additionally, around 1,000 technicians and engineers work at PSI, offering their extensive knowledge to the industry.

With these and many other competencies, we are well-equipped to support you in addressing your technical and scientific challenges. Let’s work together to develop innovative solutions and propel your company forward. Take advantage of the unique opportunities that collaboration with PSI offers and set new benchmarks in your industry.

Contact us, to learn more about our services and how we can achieve your goals together.

Questions and Information

Do I need to have all the expertise in my company?
Only you know your product and your needs – you are the specialist in that area. We, on the other hand, understand our applications and the possibilities they offer for you.

How do I know if my question can be answered?
Together with PSI Technology Transfer and our specialists, we can discuss possibilities, preliminary tests, and projects without incurring any costs upfront.

How long will it take to solve my problem?
It depends on the task and the associated challenge. Simple measurements can be completed within a week, while Innosuisse projects can take 2 to 3 years.

Do I need to visit PSI in person?
While it is helpful to visit PSI to outline a project and meet the involved persons, for certain measurements and investigations, it is sufficient if only your samples or materials "come to us."

Who should I contact?
The Technology Transfer Office is your first point of contact. Subsequently, you will develop the solution together with our specialists.

Weitere Zugangsmöglichkeiten

Die Nutzung der Forschungsanlagen ist nicht nur über die Technologietransferstelle, sondern auch über weitere Kanäle möglich. 

Zugang über das Technologietransfer-Zentrum ANAXAM

ANAXAM (Analytics for Advanced Manufacturing) ist ein Technologietransfer-Zentrum für Advanced Manufacturing mit Sitz im Park Innovaare direkt neben dem PSI. 

ANAXAM ermöglicht der Industrie von modernster angewandter Materialanalytik mit Neutronen- und Synchrotronstrahlung (Röntgenstrahlen) im Bereich der zerstörungsfreien Materialprüfung zu profitieren. Hierzu gehören beispielsweise: 

  • Bildgebung (Materialverteilungsanalysen, Reverse Engineering, etc.)
  • Diffraktion (Phasen- und Strukturcharakterisierung)
  • Streuung (Grössen- und Formverteilungsanalyse)
  • Spektroskopie (chem. Bildgebungsanalyse & Charakterisierung)

Erfahren Sie mehr über ANAXAM

Zugang über die SLS TT AG

Falls Sie Ihre Problemstellung bereits kennen oder sogar schon mal eine Messung bei uns durchgeführt haben, können Sie sich direkt mit der SLS TT AG in Verbindung setzen, um Strahlzeit an einer unserer Beamlines zu beziehen: 

Kontakt SLS TT AG

John Millard
Head of Technology Transfer

+41 56 310 41 83