Future Technologies

New technologies are the driving force behind an innovative society. At PSI, researchers are laying the necessary foundations for this. They are looking for previously unknown ways of processing and storing data, making technologies more sustainable and efficient or developing new processes to delve ever deeper into the micro and nano worlds. Their findings form the basis for new applications - be it in medicine, information technology, energy generation and storage - or for new production processes in industry.

Quantum computers are regarded as one of the key technologies of the 21st century. Their potential performance makes them interesting not only for industry and business. They also open up previously unimagined possibilities for research with its ever-increasing volumes of data. Because quantum computers make it possible to carry out certain calculations in materials science, chemistry and physics that are impossible today and will probably also be impossible in the future with conventional computers. At the "Quantum Computing Hub", PSI is working with ETH Zurich to advance the two leading technologies in this field.