Corporate Social Responsibility - Engagement in the interest of general welfare

PSI, as the largest research institute in Switzerland, is fulfilling a socially relevant basic mission beyond carrying out its legal mandate. By performing fundamental and applied research, we work on sustainable solutions for major challenges facing society, science and economy.
PSI is committed to the training of future generations. More than a quarter of the 2000 PSI employees are still in training.
  • approx. 150 post-docs
  • approx. 300 post-graduates
  • approx. 100 apprentices
Furthermore we are annually offering approx. 200 school classes the opportunity to visit the school laboratory iLab and we are supporting the activities of "Schweizer Jugend forscht".
We take it for granted to offer our own employees the possibility to continue working as long as possible. We therefore developed a professional case- and reintegration management. In cooperation with external specialist units PSI also offers case to case employment possibilities to external persons with reduced work performance or suffering from partial work incapacity, thus making a reintegration into work life possible.
Cantonal radiation protection service at the Paul Scherrer Institute
In case of accidents or fire emergencies with radioactive materials, the radiation protection section of PSI’s fire brigade will start operating. This service of our fire brigade is responsible for the radiation protection of the entire canton Aargau. The claims services will be supported by PSI specialists with their expertise and special measuring equipment.
The Paul Scherrer Institute is located at Switzerland’s natural water source. This precious meadow landscape of national importance is protected by a decree of the Canton of Aargau. The careful treatment of environment and natural resources is a matter of course for us and is put into practice by:
  • nature park of economy
  • use of accelerator waste heat (regional district heating-system)
  • mobility concept

PSI belongs to the ETH Domain. Strategical planning of the ETH Board for the ETH Domain is based on 3 elements:

  • mission of ETH Domain in accordance with ETH Law
  • vision of ETH Board for ETH Domain
  • fundamental maxims of ETH Board for the socially responsible implementation of the basic mandate in education, research, knowledge, and technology transfer.