leadXpro and Golgi Neurosciences Work on GPR65 Modulators

leadXpro, a spin-off company of PSI active in the field of biotechnology, and Golgi Neurosciences, a biotech incubator based in Milan, have announced a partnership to develop therapies for neurodegenerative diseases. They are working on positive and negative modulators of the GPR65 receptor, which plays a role in neuroinflammation, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, fibrosis, cancer, and inflammatory bowel disease.

A significant advancement in their collaboration is the elucidation of high-resolution structures of GPR65 using Cryo-EM, which supports the development of effective therapies.

leadXpro is based in Park Innovaare in Villigen and specializes in structure-based drug discovery for membrane proteins.

Further Information

Ein bedeutender Fortschritt in ihrer Zusammenarbeit ist die Aufklärung hochauflösender Strukturen von GPR65 mittels Kryo-EM, was die Entwicklung wirksamer Therapien unterstützt.

LeadXpro hat seinen Sitz im Park Innovaare in Villigen und ist auf die Strukturbasierte Wirkstoffentdeckung für Membranproteine spezialisiert. 

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