Proxima Fusion moves to Park Innovaare

Proxima Fusion and the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) have signed a framework agreement to develop high-temperature superconductor magnet technology (HTS). This technology is crucial for fusion energy and particle physics. As part of this collaboration, several Proxima Fusion employees will relocate to the Switzerland Innovation Park Innovaare to closely cooperate with PSI and benefit from the close networking. The teams, supported by Martin Kubie, Head of Engineering at Proxima, will make significant investments in personnel and hardware development.

Proxima Fusion is the second company in the field of fusion energy to settle in Park Innovaare, alongside Renaissance Fusion, which has been operating there since October 2023. This strategic partnership between Proxima Fusion and PSI will provide the foundation to significantly contribute to the global energy future and achieve substantial advancements.

Proxima Co-Founder and COO Lucio Milanese (left) and PSI Director Christian Rüegg signed a framework agreement.