Center for Proton Therapy CPT

The worldwide first compact scanning gantry for the irradiation of deep-seated tumors with proton beam is operated by the Center for Proton Therapy (CPT) at PSI. The spot-scanning technique developed at PSI has made it possible to irradiate malignant tumors situated deep inside in the body with extremely high precision and to successfully stop their growth, while sparing the healthy tissues surrounding the target.

Patient treatment at PSI has a long tradition. Patients with certain cancer diseases have been able to benefit from treatment with proton beams since as early as 1984. Protons are particularly suitable for the treatment of children and adolescents. A close collaboration with the University Children's Hospital in Zürich has made it possible since 2004 to treat very young children under sedation here at PSI.

At present, one treatment unit is equipped for the irradiation of ocular tumors, and Gantry 2 and Gantry 3 are equipped for the irradiation of deep-seated tumors.

The optimal delivery of treatment to the benefit of our patients is one of the main goals of the CPT. Another goal equally as beneficial to our patients is the continuous research and further development of innovative treatment concepts. The achievement of these goals is greatly enhanced by the CPT's unique position embedded in the infrastructure of the Paul Scherrer Institute, Switzerland's largest research facility.

Video about the Center for Proton Therapy. A patient tells about the treatment of her brain tumor