EU support programmes

Unfortunately the user support of most major I3 access programs of the European Community like CALIPSO, Biostruct-X or NMI3 has ended or is no longer available at the PSI facilities. 

On some beamlines a few smaller programs are presently being supported like NFFA (NEP) (at PSI: access to cleanrooms and to the XIL-II beamline at SLS). For further information please contact your PSI beamline scientist in advance.

PSI is also part of the ReMade@ARI (REcyclable MAterials DEvelopment at Analytical Research Infrastructures) access program.

EU member countries (EU-27)   
Austria (AT)Belgium (BE)Bulgaria (BG)Croatia (HR)
Cyprus (CY)Czech Republic (CZ)Denmark (DK)Estonia (EE)
Finland (FI)France (FR)Germany (DE)Greece (GR)
Hungary (HU)Ireland (IE)Italy (IT)Latvia (LV)
Lithuania (LT)Luxembourg (LU)Malta (MT)Netherlands (NL)
Poland (PL)Portugal (PT)Romania (RO)Slovakia (SK)
Slovenia (SI)Spain (ES)Sweden (SE) 
Associated states   
Albania (AL)Armenia (AM)Bosnia & Herzegovina (BA)Faroe Islands (FO)
Georgia (GE)Iceland (IS)Israel (IL)Kosovo (XK)
Morocco (MA)Moldova (MD)Montenegro (ME)North Macedonia (MK)
Norway (NO)Serbia (RS)Turkey (TR)Tunisia (TN)
United Kingdom (UK)Ukraine (UA)  

Additionally, further countries might also be eligible in Horizon Europe programs, please have a look here.

Please note: Switzerland is treated as a non-associated third country for the submission of project proposals in Horizon Europe and other related programmes and initiatives. Unlike in former Framework Programs, Liechtenstein does not intend to associate to Horizon Europe, more information.