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Celebrating 25 years of neutrons at SINQ

On January 17th, 2022, we celebrate the 25th anniversary of the inauguration of the Swiss Spallation Neutron Source SINQ. Today, SINQ is firmly embedded in the European research landscape and has established itself as an important center for neutron research.

Terbium Triumph

Bench-to-bedside successes: Fruitful collaborations at PSI’s Center for Radiopharmaceutical Sciences make bringing Terbium-161 to the clinic a reality.

Biased signalling for better drugs

A dream drug would provide a targeted therapeutic effect without side effects. Biased signalling could make this a reality. Publishing in PNAS, PSI researchers present a platform for biased signalling-based drug discovery.

Ground-breaking technology development recognised

PSI researchers win the international Innovation Award on Synchrotron Radiation for 3D mapping of nanoscopic details in macroscopic specimens, such as bone.

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