Research Initiatives

Beside the traditional form of joint research projects with different partners from Switzerland and abroad (e.g. participation in the European framework programs) PSI is also actively involved in national research initiatives strengthening networks of collaborations and partnerships, e.g. National Centers of Competence in Research (NCCRs) or the recently established Swiss Competence Centers for Energy Research (SCCER).

To complement these activities PSI also supports cross-divisional and cross-institutional collaborations, platforms or research initiatives in areas of strategic importance. These initiatives build on areas of existing research strength by bringing together a critical mass of expertise from different divisions or institutions to address interdisciplinary research challenges and to support knowledge transfer.

PSI's Initiatives

Quantum Technologies Collaboration at PSI (QTC@PSI)

QTteaser.jpg A nucleation point for research into quantum materials and technology

The Quantum Technology Collaboration at PSI (QTC@PSI) serves as a platform to coalesce key competences and know-how (imaging, spectroscopy, sample synthesis, nanofabrication and theory) that will lead to the development of components required to implement quantum technology in everyday life. This combination of scientific excellence in materials science and quantum materials along with the technological expertise and large scale facilities means PSI is uniquely positioned to make significant contributions to the quantum revolution that now is unfolding worldwide.

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DaaS Project swissuniversities

DataPolicy VM16 mod Label.png The DaaS project supported by swissuniversities aims to build up and provide an end user analysis service for the data taken at PSI's research labs. Formerly all user data had to be transferred to the users' home sites for analysis after finishing an experiment at SLS. The new service will allow to perform this task on the local infrastructure of PSI with optimal access to the data via the "Ra" compute cluster.

More information about the DaaS project supported by swissuniversities.