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How ethane-consuming archaea pick up their favorite dish

Scientists decode the structure of the enzyme responsible for the ethane fixation by – beside others – using the SLS.

Preventing the break-in of the toxoplasmosis parasite

Scientists have identified the structure and functions of RON13, an enzyme of the toxoplasmosis parasite that is essential for the infectious mechanism in humans.

Stoneflies: Youth influences adulthood

Evolutionary biologists at the University of Bonn scan 219 species in different particle accelerators, beside others the Swiss Light Source SLS.

Catching Alzheimer's Toxin

Single-particle cryo-electron microscopy of  a functional Aβ42 pore equivalent, created by fusing Aβ42 to the oligomerizing, soluble domain of the α-hemolysin  toxin, offers new insights into structure and function of proteins forming amyloid aggregates in Alzheimer’s disease.

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11. August 2021, 14:00 - 16:00
Prof. Tom Downar, Michigan University
Research Division: NES Colloquium

NES Colloquium (tba)

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