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Developing detectors to transform science with light (part 1)

Altermagnetism proves its place on the magnetic family tree

Experiments at the Swiss Light Source SLS prove the existence of a new type of magnetism, with broad implications for technology and research.

Extreme ultraviolet for scalable silicon quantum devices

Experiments at the Swiss Light Source (SLS) show the potential of extreme ultraviolet light (EUV) to make the building blocks of scalable quantum computers.

A precision mechanical masterpiece in miniature

With the discovery of a golden miniature box lock, an extraordinary and unique archaeological find was made in north-western Germany by a licensed detectorist.

The object represents an extremely reduced and valuable version of the provincial Roman box locks. These everyday objects were in general significantly larger and normally made either of iron, iron with silver or bronze bands or bronze.


Solid-state qubits: Forget about being clean, embrace mess

So says new recipe for dense arrays of qubits with long lifetimes.

Dichotomous Electrons: Travelling without Moving

Neutron scattering experiments give new understanding of how localized and free-flowing electrons collaborate to create material functionality.

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