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Discovery of new chemistry on aerosol surfaces

In a study published in Science, ambient-pressure X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy reveals spontaneous redox chemistry at solvating particle surfaces.

Automated particle detection without the false positives

A new algorithm by PSI researchers enables fast and reliable detection of spherical objects in images with a complex background

Glycation of collagen: Quantifying rates

Collagen is abundant in the connective tissue of human beings, e.g. in tendons, ligament and cornea. Glycation of collagen distorts its structure, renders the extracellular matrix stiff and brittle and at the same time lowers the degradation susceptibility thereby preventing renewal. Based on models and with parameters determined from experimental data, we describe the glycation of type 1 collagen in bovine pericardium derived bio-tissues upon incubation in glucose and ribose. We hope that this contributes to a better quantitative understanding of the effects of diabetes on collagen.

Take a deep breath. But how clean was the air?

The EU project, RI-URBANS, aims to improve air quality monitoring across Europe

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