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Making sense of the muon’s misdemeanours

An exotic atom called muonium could explain why muons won’t stick to the rules, believe researchers using the Swiss Muon Source at Paul Scherrer Institute PSI.

Upgraded pixel detector back in action at CERN

Built at Paul Scherrer Institute, the detector forms the heart of the CMS experiment. It is producing data again following an upgrade during the LHC shutdown.

Waiting for the repository

How computer simulations are helping ensuring a safe and efficient transfer of used nuclear fuel from temporary dry storage to its final resting place deep underground.

How mixing of atmospheric aerosols affects the environment

Peering inside atmospheric particles provides clues to effects on climate and health, finds Paul Scherrer Institute and University of British Columbia study.

On-track for SLS2.0: First magnet series measured

Successful measurement of the first 112 magnets puts the PSI magnet section on-schedule to measure all of the 1000+ magnets needed for SLS2.0 by July 2024.

LEAPS research infrastructures to tackle societal crises

Against a backdrop of the energy crisis, scientists and policy makers convene at Paul Scherrer Institute PSI and set out a vision for European light sources

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