(female Mentoring: Leadership for Equity And Diversity)

  • What does leadership (in general / at PSI, Empa, Eawag, WSL) mean?
  • Is that something for me?
  • What steps can I take if I want to become a leader?
  • How can I expand my network?
  • What are the (unwritten) laws in the professional environment?

In the field of diversity, equity and inclusion, PSI's top priority is to increase the proportion of women in the core areas of PSI (see guiding principles in the Diversity Mission Statement). Therefore, we systematically reduce structural barriers and disadvantages and offer various support programs specifically for women, such as feM-LEAD.

The goal of the mentoring programme is the planning of the mentee's career, e.g. through an insight into the career and work experience of the mentor or platforms for visibility and networking. The aim is to promote the mentee's professional career in an enriching way and to encourage them to engage with the leadership topic.

Target group of feM-LEAD:

  • Women who think about taking on a leadership role in the future (at your or another institution) or would like to find out if this is something for them
  • Women who are prepared to spend time for this on a regular basis  (approx. 8 - 10 working days during one year)
  • Female scientists (after postdoc), technicians or women working in administration with a valid contract at PSI, Empa, Eawag or WSL during the duration of the programme

How does feM-LEAD differ from other leadership-programmes for new and upcoming managers?

  • The participants do not yet have a management position, but are interested in one
  • The programme is aimed specifically at women in order to promote gender balance in management positions

Over the course of a year, mentees are supported by mentors in a personal 1:1 mentoring. In a trusting, supportive setting, they can work together with an experienced person on their professional development and benefit from the knowledge and experience of their mentors. An assessment (BIP® test) and accompanying events lay the foundations for the mentoring relationship and promote the networking and visibility of the mentees. The programme is rounded off by courses and trainings on leadership and personal development, which can be selected according to personal interests, and peer coaching.   

Duration: September 2024 - September 2025