Trainings for employees

Complete the web-based training "Respect @ PSI".
After this training ...

  • what respectful treatment at PSI means and what behaviour should be avoided 
  • how employees and line managers can work towards this and what the directorate is doing to implement it
  • which points of contact there are and what happens depending on which point of contact is contacted

Trainings for line managers

A mandatory training took place for line managers and for new line managers this will be part of the internal training.
After this training ...

  • the "Code of Conduct Respect" is known
  • awareness of misconduct has been raised and the responsibility and role model role as a line manager is known (duty of care)
  • it is known what to do in case of incidents and the contact points and support services are known

Trainings for confidential advisors and HR managers

Confidential advisors and HR managers receive regular training. On the one hand, the training focuses on their own role, their competences and duties in relation to the other role. On the other hand, topic-specific training is offered on various focal points such as counselling PhDs / postdocs, sexual harassment and mobbing, dealing with cultural diversity, etc.