Internal and external confidential consultants

The confidential advisors listed below are not bound by instructions and they will keep your concerns confidential and will take action with your consent only.

In addition to the Confidential Advisors, who are not bound by instructions, you can also contact Human Resources with your concerns. Human Resources is authorised to act on its own authority if the situation is deemed to be serious.

Internal Confidential Advisors

General Confidential Advisors

Photo of Can Pinarci

Vocational instructor EFZ laboratory technician in the field of chemistry
Biomolecular Research (BIO)

If you want to confide in someone or need advice, feel free to contact me. I can support you in case of general conflicts or disrespectful behaviour.

Languages: German

Laboratory for Particle Physics (NUM)

I am happy to advise you on conflicts and problems of any kind. Please contact me without hesitation if you are looking for a confidential conversation. I will be happy to listen to you and try to find solutions.

Languages: German (preferred), English (possible)

Confidential Advisors for PhD und Postdoc

photo of Federica Marone Welford

Beamline Scientist
Macromolecules and Bioimaging (PSD)

Respect is one of my core values and I live diversity as an enrichment on the work place as well as in my private life. PhD candidates and postdocs (but not only) can contact me in case they experience any violation of their personal integrity or witness it. In a confidential manner, I will advise you on possible steps for addressing your concerns.

Languages: English, German, Italian (and French if necessary)

Confidential Advisors on sexual harassment and mobbing

Markus Fiehn

IT Portfolio Manager
Department Information Technology (LOG)

You can contact me in case of general conflicts and also specifically in case of sexual harassment or mobbing. I am also your contact person if you do not know whether your concern belongs to one of the listed special areas. If it turns out during the conversation that another Confidential Advisor can give you more information, I will be happy to refer you to that person after consulting with you.

Languages: German (preferred), English (possible)


External Confidential Advisors

Sarah Meier-Bieri
Sarah Meier-Bieri

Are you in a particularly challenging professional and/or personal situation that is affecting your everyday working life? I offer you individual support as a coach and am available to you as a sparring partner in the areas of leadership and communication.

Language: German (native language), English ( consulting possible), French (conversation)

Urte Reckowsky
Urte Reckowsky a.i.

You can come to me with issues that are affecting your ability to work or your wellbeing. These can be: Work conflicts (also with PhD supervisors), leadership issues, stress symptoms, private challenges and also issues such as bullying, harassment or discrimination at work. As a coach and mediator, I work with you to find the best way forward.