Group Leader

for the Heavy Elements Group

Your tasks

  • Scientific and administrative leadership of the Research Group Heavy Elements in the Laboratory of Radiochemistry which is focused on the fundamental chemical investigations of the heaviest elements - the transactinides
  • Using your scientific competences you are willing to elaborate and pursue an innovative and braod scientific strategy plan together with your team to keep this Research Group at the farthest frontiers
  • With your leading innitiatives you will enable the development of fast chemical investigation methods for transactinides using large accelerator based infrastructure at Paul Scherrer Institute, which is suitable to produce radioactive tracers for model studies with their lighter homologues in the same groups of the periodic table
  • You are required to organize and lead large international collaborations dedicated to experimental transactinide investigations at suitable worldwide available accelerator facilities, e.g, in Russia, Japan, China, Germany, or USA
  • You will be responsible for the research budget of the group, for the competitive acquisition of third party research funds and for the supervision of scientists on the PostDocs, PhD, and Master levels and of technical personnel
  • You are motivated to participate actively in the development of the academic future in Radiochemistry and Nuclear Chemistry in Switzerland in connection with the Swiss Universities

Your profile

  • PhD degree in chemistry, specialization radiochemistry or nuclear chemistry
  • Independent research experience and a visible track record in developing fast and efficient radiochemical separation schemes
  • Experience in supervising and teaching students and technical personnel
  • Your oral and written German and English skills meet high proficiency

We offer

Our institution is based on an interdisciplinary, innovative and dynamic collaboration. You will profit from a systematic training on the job, in addition to personal development possibilities and our pronounced vocational training culture. If you wish to optimally combine work and family life or other personal interests, we are able to support you with our modern employment conditions and the on-site infrastructure.

For further information please contact Dr Robert Eichler, phone +41 56 310 41 20.

Please submit your application online for the position as a Group Leader (index no. 4701-00) by May 31st 2019.

Paul Scherrer Institut, Human Resources Management, Hedwig Habersaat, 5232 Villigen PSI, Switzerland