The DaaS Project

The DaaS project aims to build up and provide an end user analysis service for the data taken at PSI's research labs.The volume of data and the requirements on hardware and software environments are steadily rising as new and more powerful X-ray detectors become available. Formerly all user data had to be transferred to the users' home sites for analysis after finishing an experiment at SLS. The new service will allow to perform this task on the local infrastructure of PSI with optimal access to the data.

The core infrastructure of the data analysis service consists of the compute cluster "Ra". This facility will be fully integrated into the data management workflows of experiments at SLS and SwissFEL. The prototyping of the data flows as they travel from data acquisition to the analysis cluster and archive is also addressed within the DaaS project, as well as the provisioning of software environments and porting specific softwares to the cluster for end user data analysis.

The DaaS project is scheduled to run from March of 2015 until April of 2017.

The project is part of the e-science track of the funding program "Scientific information: Access, processing and safeguarding", where it can be found under the project label Data Analysis Service (142-004) (abstract). The program is run by swissuniversities. Its aim is helping to build up sustainable services for the sciences in Switzerland.

DaaS is also reaching out to other projects funded by the program, among them

We gratefully acknowledge the matching funds received through swissuniversities .

For information on the project, please contact the project management.

For more information about the services and the project output please visit the Photon Science Data Analysis Homepage.