A beam dynamics study of the effect of a modified central region of COMET to obtain a higher beam transmission

Your tasks

We propose a study of a modification of the cyclotron center in COMET, to obtain a higher beam transmission from the proton source in the cyclotron.

After having demonstrated that the above described method is successful in the center of the cyclotron, further studies are needed to match the centring, acceleration and extraction of the beam to the new situation in the central region. This has to be simulated by particle tracking with a model of the COMET center established within the frameworks of ANSYS and OPAL. For the OPAL simulations the model should be extended beyond the machine center and include the movable phase slits and the extraction elements. The effects of puller shift and chimney rotation must be studied systematically and the simulation-setup has to be optimized for this.

Also in experiments the potential of this promising modification should be explored further and experiments will be prepared accordingly. The beam will then be guided onto larger radius in the cyclotron and measurements of beam transmission and centring will be performed and optimized. We will investigate whether a higher beam current may be extracted out of the cyclotron. If that would be limited due to potential beam losses near the SC-coils, we will benefit anyway from the lower beam intensity that needs to be extracted from the proton source. This will increase the time between source services and be of advantage in the operation of the cyclotron.

Your profile

  • Physics student (minimum 4 semesters)
  • Motivated in performing numerical simulations
  • Basic skills in programming
  • You are open-minded, communicative and enjoy working in an international team
  • You have not yet completed your Master’s thesis

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