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Sub-micro-precision at highest accuracy

Kunz precision AG

Since founded in 1980, Kunz precision AG, based in Zofingen, Switzerland, specializes in measuring technology, calibration services and the development and production of unique measuring systems. In the in-house measuring laboratories, among other things, Kunz precision AG performs length, straightness and squareness measurements with the world's smallest measurement uncertainty. A specialty of Kunz precision is the development and production of high-precision measuring instruments. Based on more than 30 years of expertise in measuring technology, Kunz precision develops innovative and customer-specific solutions for the machine industry and calibration laboratories worldwide - from simple to complex measuring systems. It's the fascination of measuring technology that inspires and motivates Kunz precision to make the impossible possible for customers.
We perceived the cooperation with PSI as uncomplicated, reliable and valuable. We estimate open communication, flexibility and partnership. The development of the LTP-1400 measuring station was a big challenge. The new LTP-1400 is the result of great innovation in the small Kunz precision team. Of course, as a small company, we had enough motivation to supply PSI with a top device in the world's highest accuracy. Therefore, it was our goal, not only to get into the individual, by the PSI required tolerances, but of course also to undercut if possible. This on one hand to explore our own possibilities and on the other hand to provide PSI with the upmost accurate device of its kind. We were able to realize both. With the qualified and expert support, the project was completed without any problems. We were glad to hand over the LTP-1400 with its incredible accuracy to PSI.
Michael Güdel, Head of Construction, Kunz precision AG, Zofingen