Result of the cooperation: IFC_1210

IOxOS Technologies SA

IOxOS Technologies SA is a privately owned Swiss company offering high performance real-time computing solutions to system integrators in the aerospace and scientific communities. The company fields of competence cover PCI Express based COTS solutions, FPGA and IP Core design, targeting industrial regulation and control systems, aerospace integration rig systems and test equipment. IOxOS Technologies complements its product offering with highly-reliable DO-254 design and services for airborne safety critical applications. The result of the collaboration between PSI and IOxOS Technologies is the IFC_1210, a VME64x FPGA-centric Single Board Computer developed to fulfill PSI requirements in terms of performance, versatility and long term availability.
The successful open collaboration with PSI and its scientific and engineering staff has been a great opportunity to enhance IOxOS Technologies existing COTS product line, leveraging a multi-purpose platform with state-of-the-art technologies in the framework of a high-performance real-time application. Thanks to PSI support and its international projection in the physics community, IOxOS Technologies is achieving its objective of becoming a reliable reference as solution provider in this demanding field.
Joel Bovier, CTO, IOxOS Technologies