IHPoS fuel cells and systems of high quality


The engineering and manufacturing company CEKAtec AG was established in 1979 and is located in Wattwill (SG). With about 100 employees, CEKAtec develops and produces electromechanical devices and acts as an OEM provider in three business areas: industry, food and health & energy. Within the business segment Energy, CEKAtec is currently quite active in the field of fuel-cell technology and different products related to this technology. In this field, there is a close cooperation with PSI. Furthermore, Bern University of Applied Sciences (BUAS) has made an important contribution with regard to the implementation of the technology – this was made possible by the financial support of KTI as well as by the Swiss Federal Office of Energy SFOE.
Right from the beginning, the cooperation with PSI seemed to be very promising and valuable. In the course of our collaboration, this presumption was confirmed in all respects. The adaptation and the implementation of the technology would not have come to market readiness and product launch so fast without the qualified and expert support of PSI. Together with the PSI and the BUAS, we have succeeded in establishing a third mainstay, which has lead to significant chances of success and to more independence from the national competition. In the near future we strive for notable turnovers in this field
Dr. Marco Santis, Head of the fuel cell Division, CEKAtec AG