Spin-off companies

The activities in research and technology at PSI open up a great variety of opportunities for commercial exploitation. If these technologies or services apply to an entrepreneurial scientist, they open up opportunities for the foundation of a start-up company.
PSI fosters and encourages the foundation of spin-off companies through advice and coaching from the transfer centre and various different support tools.
A spin-off company of PSI is a newly founded enterprise which is based on technologies or know-how created in the research activities at Paul Scherrer Institut whether or not former PSI employees are involved.
An overview of the Spin-Offs of the whole ETH-Domain can be found on www.spied.ch.

The most recent spin-off companies of PSI


RADEC utilizes high energy particles generated using particle accelerators located at PSI and elsewhere to test existing electronic components and materials for their resistance (hardness) to radiation. The company also offers advice and assistance to help their customers to develop and construct components and subsystems that are radiation hard. RADEC works together with companies involved in creating technologies for space, as well as companies developing terrestrial technology where failure due to radiation must be eliminated.
Website: www.radec.ch/
Contact: Radoslaw Marcin Marcinkowski, radec@radec.ch;


GratXray’s vision is to provide all women painless, precise and efficient breast cancer imaging. For this, we develop a grating interferometry breast computed-tomography device (GI-BCT), a disruptive X-ray technology, which allows to simultaneously acquire absorption-, refraction- and scattering-based X-ray images. Those are capable of detecting subtle electron density variations and local small-angle scattering, generated by microscopic density fluctuations in the tissue, which yields to unprecedented lesion delineation and tissue discrimination.
Website: www.gratxray.com/
Contact: Dr. Martin Stauber, martin.stauber@gratxray.com;

novatlantis ltd – non-profit private limited company

novatlantis is non-profit private limited consulting and service company, independent in terms of human resources and organizational structure, working in the field of sustainability and knowledge transfer. The company’s services focus on applied research projects and the transformation of applied science into pilot projects in cities and communities. novatlantis offers conceptual and strategic consulting, portfolio management, project management, accompanying research, coordination and public relations activities for private and public companies. In addition, the company supports knowledge- and technology transfer between science, economy and the public sector. One of its current products are online municipality-energy-maps, visualizing information from the federal buildings and dwellings statistics (DBS).
Website: www.novatlantis.ch/
Contact: Dr. Anna Roschewitz, anna.roschewitz@novatlantis.ch;


novoMOF is a technology company in the field of advanced materials with focus on synthesis and production of metal-organic frameworks (MOF). MOFs are novel materials that offer competitive applications in various industrial sectors. For instance, charging times of batteries can be reduced to minutes, the lifetime of packaged food can be prolonged or gases such as carbon dioxide can be separated, purified or stored. We partner with leaders from different industries who want to exploit MOFs early as an innovation opportunity. We enable and shape this process early on by providing such companies access to custom MOFs based on their intended application.
Website: www.novomof.com/
Contact: Daniel Steitz, daniel.steitz@novoMOF.com;

InterAx Biotech Ltd

InterAx Biotech’s unique combination of proprietary arrestin-based biosensors and computational methods allows quantitative comparison of drug-induced GPCR signaling pathways. This technology platform opens up entirely new possibilities in the discovery of functionally selective drugs with improved efficacy and reduced side effects.
Website: www.interaxbiotech.com
Contact: Dr. Martin Ostermaier, ostermaier@interaxbiotech.com;

Advanced Accelerator Technologies AG

The aim of “Advanced Accelerator Technologies” (AAT) is to render PSI’s broad technological skills and expertise increasingly accessible on a global scale by joining forces with industrial companies that operate in the field of research equipment. The foundation of AAT with the theme complex Accelerators and Applied Technologies is simultaneously one of the four pillars of PARK innovAARE, which is being developed at PSI as part of the Swiss innovation park.
Dr. Udo Klein, udo.klein@aa-t.ch;


In the field of medical image analytics, we aim to disrupt the expensive, time-consuming, error-prone task of manually examining images by applying Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning. We scale the medical expertise of Radiologists by transforming their deep medical knowledge into robust algorithms. Analytics on vast amounts of images allows for significantly better biomarker detection in cohorts and time series, huge efficiency gains, as well as new research methods in clinical trials. Our office is located in Zurich. 4Quant was established as ETH/PSI spin-off in 2015 and has 3 employees.
Website: www.4quant.com

Excelsus Structural Solutions

Excelsus Structural Solutions offers easy and affordable access to unique Synchrotron-based characterization tools developed at the Paul Scherrer Institute, to enhance the selection, development and manufacturing of high-quality (bio)pharmaceutical products.
Website: www.excelsusss.com

Hydromethan AG

The Hydromethan AG is technology supplier for the hydrothermal gasification of aqueous biomasses and all kinds of organic residues. These are converted in a catalytic high-pressure process with high process efficiency of 60-70% into CO2-neutral and clean biomethane. The nutrient salts separated in the process can be used as fertilizers.
Website: www.hydromethan.ch
Contact: Dr. Martin Lemann, +41 79 436 2832, martin.lemann@hydromethan.ch;
Dr. Frédéric Vogel, +41 56 310 2135, frederic.vogel@psi.ch

Expose GmbH

Expose provides services on all aspects of protein crystallography to companies and organisations in the pharmaceutical and biotechnological sector. The company organises measurement shifts at the Swiss Light Source (SLS) and carries out the corresponding analyses. Providing support for evaluations completes the range of services.
Website: www.expose-crystals.com
Contact: diez@expose-crystals.com

SwissNeutronics AG

SwissNeutronics is the world-leading supplier of advanced neutron optics, which are an inevitable equipment for the scientific instrumentation at modern neutron research facilities. Key developments are the super-polishing of large area substrates (glass, silicone, metals) and their coating with thin film neutron supermirror (multilayer stack up to 10000 layers). As a result, the reflectivity of the supermirror is approaching the theoretical limits. The excellent supermirror, combined with sophisticated designs and high precision machining and assembly enable for first-class neutron optical devices. Moreover, SwissNeutronics owns a profound expertise in the neutronic and engineering design of neutron optics and of complete beam lines as well as for their installation. These capabilities are also provided to industry in Switzerland, beyond the field of neutron optics.
Website: www.swissneutronics.ch
Contact: tech@swissneutronics.ch


DECTRIS is the first company worldwide to sell innovative hybrid-pixel X-ray detector systems which operate in single-photon-counting mode. This new technology features a very high dynamic range, a short readout time and an excellent signal-noise ratio. These properties significantly improve measurement quality and throughput. They can be used in various different areas, such at synchrotron light sources, laboratory diffraction systems or industrial and medical applications.
Website: www.dectris.com


EULITHA's Extreme Ultraviolet Interference Lithography (EUV-IL) at the PSI Swiss Light Source (SLS) produces extremely tiny and dense periodic nanostructures with resolutions below 20 nm. This production technology can be used for the mass production e.g. of hard disk drives with a one hundred times higher storage capacity compared with the current state of the art, or photonic nanostructures for LEDs and colour displays or for the manufacture of innovative biosensors.
Website: www.eulitha.com
Contact: Dr. Harun Solak, +41 56 310 4279, harun.solak@eulitha.com