Dr. Filip Leonarski

Beamline Data Scientist

Paul Scherrer Institut
Forschungsstrasse 111
5232 Villigen PSI

Filip Leonarski studied Theoretical Chemistry and Computer Science at the University of Warsaw and the University of Arizona, he has graduated with Master degrees in Chemistry from both universities. He has done his graduate studies in Theoretical Chemistry at the University of Warsaw under supervision of Prof. Joanna Trylska - thesis title: "Coarse-grained models for molecular dynamics of RNA. Evolutionary algorithm optimization of the potential energy function parameters". Later he received 2-year scholarship Mobility Plus scholarship from the Polish Ministry of Science to work in IBMC, Strasbourg under supervision of Dr Pascal Auffinger on classification and validation of Mg2+ binding site to RNA.

From 2016 he was a postdoctoral research at the Paul Scherrer Institute under supervision of Dr Meitian Wang, where he work on JUNGFRAU detector applications for macromolecular crystallography. From 2020 he is a beamline data scientist at the Paul Scherrer Institute. He is a principle investigator on the "NextGenDCU high data rate acquisition system for X-ray detectors in structural biology applications" innovation project supported by Innosuisse and realized together with DECTRIS (2023-2025).

Working on design and implementation of IT solutions for handling and on-the-fly processing of data from cutting-edge X-ray detectors, with expected throughput up to 50 GB/s, for macromolecular crystallography and beyond.

Supports data intensive experiments at macromolecular crystallography at SLS, with special interest for serial synchrotron crystallography.

Interested in edge computing, internet-of-things, machine learning, modern computing architectures and theory of X-ray protein diffraction.

Experienced in programming aiming at high performance on heterogeneous platforms - including field programming gate arrays (FPGAs) and general purpose graphical processing units.


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