Ultra precision cup for the new large research facility SwissFEL

TEL Mechatronics Ltd.

TEL Mechatronics in Trübbach, Switzerland, has spezialized in development, manufacturing and assembly of complex, mechatronic systems and components, particularly in the field of vacuum technology. TEL Mechatronics offers the full range of services, from precision manufacturing to cleanroom assembly and to ultra precision metrology, for the high-tech-industry in the fields of photonics, semiconductor and for research institutes.
Cooperation for the perfect acceleration: 11’752 perfect cups of copper enable the X-ray-light of SwissFEL. TEL Mechatronics and PSI collaborate with regard to the development and production of key components for the new large research facilities SwissFEL. As an industrial partner, TEL Mechatronics takes the manufacturing, assembly and qualification of the SwissFEL-C-Linacmodules (structure of acceleration).
Due to the cooperation with PSI, TEL Mechatronics has got the opportunity to expand their skills in the field of ultra precision machining and metrology. The collaboration enables TEL Mechatronics to make known its range of expertise to research institutes and to establish themselves in this high complex market. TEL Mechatronics really appreciates the openness of PSI regarding the exchange of information and the transfer of technical knowhow.
Orlando Derungs, Project Management, TEL Mechatronics Ltd.

Andreas Matti, Head of Marketing, TEL Mechatronics Ltd.