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materials and products for the LCD display industry

Rolic Technologies Ltd.

Rolic Technologies Ltd. is an innovative Swiss nanotechnology company based in Allschwil (Basel). With our LCMO (Light Controlled Molecular Orientation) photoalignment technology we modify the surface of photosensitive materials using polarized light to achieve unique optical effects. Based on this technology, we create methods, materials and products for use in the LCD and security industry. LCMO is actually used in the manufacturing of advanced large LCD-TV VA-panel displays with reduced production costs and low energy consumption, roll-to-roll mass-production of high-resultion 3D converter films for 3D-displays such as the film patterned retarders (FPR) manufactured by LG, as well as highly-secure optical security devices (such as SECUNOTE® Diamond and SECUNOTE® Oyster) for banknotes and governmental fiscal and identity documents. Rolic is also active in the development of materials for the encapsulation and light management of OLEDs.
In 2009, we started a cooperation project with the PSI to investigate reations and orientational effects in the LCMO surfaces used in the display industry with NEXAFS spectroscopy. In the context of this ongoing cooperation, we are gaining more insight on the microscopic orientation of specific molecular moieties in LCMO surfaces that should support realisation of next generation materials for the LCD panel industry. Thanks to the pleasantly uncomplicated cooperation with the PSI staff, Rolic is looking forward to expand its cooperation with PSI for new projects.
Mohammed Ibn-Elhaj, Head New Technologies, Rolic Technologies Ltd.