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Undulators for the new large research facility SwissFEL

MDC Max Daetwyler AG

MDC Max Daetwyler AG is a renowned, medium-sized business. Since 1952, its main headquarters have been in Bleienbach. As a precision machine builder and manufacturer of key components for a broad range of industries, Daetwyler Industries today offers a varied range of industrial services: ranging from individual parts fabrication to component assembly to full manufacture of complex precision machinery. It also offers engineering services in the fields of mechanical, electrical, electronics, and software engineering.
Our role as a general contractor for the provision of the undulators within the SwissFEL-project is an enormous challenge. But it is gratifying, that these competences are available in Switzerland – and the profound knowledge of the PSI team combined with our abilities and potentials with regard to high-precision mechanical engineering leads to win-win-effects on both sides: Thanks to the cooperation, we have the possibility to gain new technologies, skills and measuring methods, which represent a valuable complement to our knowhow and activity profile. Regarding the cooperation with PSI, we really appreciate the open minded communication, flexibility and team spirit. We are convinced, that our collaboration will continue in a successful and profitable for both partners, even beyond the SwissFEL-project.
René Hartmann, Senior Managing Director, MDC Max Daetwyler AG