Representatives of the shareholders and of the Board of Directors of «AAT», (from left to right) Udo Klein CEO Axilon AG and CEO of AAT, Erwin Baumgartner CEO Heinz Baumgartner AG and President of the Board of Directors of AAT, Josef Troxler CEO Ampegon AG, Daniel Kündig CEO SSG AG, Simon Bambach CEO VDL ETG

«Advanced Accelerator Technologies AG» for the increased international commercialisation of PSI’s accelerator, large-scale facility and application expertise

For many years, PSI has been developing, constructing and operating world-leading accelerator and experimentation facilities for scientific, medical and industrial applications. It therefore has extensive, sometimes unique expertise in accelerator technologies and facilities, photonics, neutronics and applications.

The aim of “Advanced Accelerator Technologies” (AAT) is to make PSI’s broad technological skills and expertise increasingly available on a global scale by joining forces of industrial companies that operate in the field of research equipment. The first step involves creating a platform for corporate and product development to form the starting point for subsequent commercialisation.

The foundation of AAT with the theme complex Accelerators and Applied Technologies is simultaneously one of the four pillars of PARK innovAARE, which is being developed at PSI as part of the Swiss innovation park.

Basic concept and business model

The construction and operation of research facilities used for research, medical and industrial applications is on the increase globally. And the demand for accelerators and the experimental facilities that are operated with them, such as in the field of photonics and neutronics, is also growing. For novel, forward-looking concepts, this requires interdisciplinary competencies in design, engineering and operations from science and industry.

The basic idea of the newly founded company involves developing a business model based on PSI knowhow in collaboration with the partners involved. This should boost the transfer of PSI technologies and knowhow in the field of accelerator technologies and make them available to users in science and industry from all over the world in the form of progressive systems.

Advanced Accelerator Technologies AG unites specialised SMEs that boast various key competencies, such as in the field of mechatronics, precision manufacturing, high-frequency amplifiers, high-voltage systems, accelerator and beamline Instrumentation, and accelerator control systems, under one roof.

The partners

The newly founded public limited company currently consists of five industrial partners: Ampegon AG (Turgi, Switzerland), Heinz Baumgartner AG (Tegerfelden, Switzerland), Axilon AG (Cologne, Germany), VDL ETG (Eindhoven, Netherlands) and Cosylab (Ljubljana, Slovenia).

The CEO of the new company is Udo Klein from Axilon AG, a physicist with longstanding industrial experience in the accelerator and instrumentation sector. Wolfgang Diete, also a physicist from Axilon AG, is CPO (Chief Project Officer). The President of the Board of Directors is Erwin Baumgartner from Heinz Baumgartner AG. The other members of the board are Josef Troxler from Ampegon, Arie van Kraaij from VDL ETG, Mark Plesko from Cosylab, Martin Jermann, and Daniel Kündig from innovAARE AG.
PSI and leading industrial partners on the research market have founded Advanced Accelerator Technologies AG – a new and promising approach towards marketing PSI’s enormous knowhow in the field of accelerators and the experimental and utilisation facilities that are run with them globally in combination with the industrial competencies in research and industry.
Dr Udo Klein, CEO, Advanced Accelerator Technologies AG, Villigen PSI