Etiquette for the participation in online sessions

Participants must have

- a stable Internet connection
- ideally a headset (microphone and headphones) or other audio connection
- a quiet environment
- for accredited courses, a device with video capabilities so that the instructor is able to see all participants



Please register with your real name and not with a pseudonym like “Mickey Mouse”, so that we know who is attending.
Please join the virtual classroom on time or a little before the start
time. The instructors will also be present/available before the official start time.



Make sure that your microphone is always muted unless you want to ask questions or say something (in Zoom, you can mute your microphone on the menu bar in the lower left corner).



Leave your camera on at all times. Our offers thrive on the exchanges and interactions among participants - as far as this is possible in the online setting and with a large number of participants.
It is possible that the quality of the transmission will suffer if many participants have their camera switched on. In this case the trainer will ask you to switch your camera off.


Ask questions

You can ask questions by raising your hand or by sending a message through the chat function. If your question or comment is urgent, please unmute your microphone and speak up.
Please ask questions briefly and precisely. Please remember that they are relevant for everyone and are topic-specific.

Due to time constraints, the trainer may only respond to certain questions or to a limited extent. However, after the official webinar has concluded, the trainer will be available for a brief period for individual questions.



At the bottom right of the Zoom menu bar you will find the chat function (location varies for other platforms). With this function you can ask questions, add comments, share documents, links and further information.
Please note that it may take a while for your question or comment to be seen/acknowledged by the trainer.

We ask you not to send private chat messages to other participants during the event. This will allow everyone to focus on the content and benefit from everyone's input.


Share screen

This feature is enabled only for the trainer and co-moderators. For security reasons this function is blocked for participants.



Please note that some online offers will be recorded on and made available on the intranet for a certain time. This allows us to make the content available to you for further study and to make it accessible to other interested parties who were unable to attend. Do not take part in the online offer if you do not agree to be recorded.


Photos and videos by participants

It is forbidden to take photos and videos of the event, especially and explicitly to share them.


Protection of privacy

For events that are recorded and made available on the intranet, for privacy protection purposes, be aware not to disclose any personal, confidential or sensitive information (business or personal).



Please note that we document your presence. We do this mainly to ensure that certificates of completion are only issued to those who actually attended.



Please note that content, documents and the entire concept are protected by copyright and may not be reproduced except for personal only.



Participant satisfaction and quality are important to us. Therefore, we evaluate all our offers and ask you to give us your honest feedback when filling-out our questionnairs. You will receive the link to a questionair at the end of the event.


Wishing you many insightful learning moments!

The team of the PSI Education Center

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