PSI working in conjunction with companies

The expertise and infrastructure of the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) are open to companies. Many partners have been profiting in manifold way from the collaboration with PSI, as shown by the following reference examples. We are looking forward to discuss a possible collaboration with your company.

Click on the company logos in order to know more about their collaboration with PSI.
rgb AAT zusatz unten.jpg Alme LOGO.JPG LOGO Basilea.jpg CEKA LOGO.JPG LOGO Daetwyler.png LOGO Dectris.bmp FHNW LOGO2.png LOGO Ferrovac.jpg IMI CCI-NUCLEAR.png Inspire LOGO.bmp IOxOS LOGO.bmp Logo Kunz - rgb.jpg Lehner LOGO neu.GIF Methanlocasale LOGO.JPG LOGO Metrolab neu.bmp Logo Tofwerk.PNG SwissNeutronics Logo.png Logo Rolic.jpg TEL LOGO.JPG LOGO Trueb.BMP