Code of Conduct "Respect"

At PSI we embrace diversity and aspire to be a recognised model for inclusion policy. This culture of respect is reflected in the conduct of all PSI employees.

We recognise that no institution is completely immune against infringements of personal integrity, and that includes PSI. That is why we want to do everything in our power to promote respectful interaction. Respectful interaction means interacting free from discrimination, harassment, mobbing, threats, violence and abuses of power. We want to prevent behaviour and statements that fall into these categories and, if they do occur, we want to penalise them and stop them in a professional, prudent and effective manner.

How can we implement this?

As employees...

  • we are responsible for our own actions and behave in a respectful manner towards other employees.
  • we address disrespectful behaviour early on if we experience or observe it so that we can quickly put a stop to it.
  • we can also address disrespectful behaviour after the fact if we were not able to in the moment.

As line managers…

  • we maintain a respectful, appreciative and motivating working atmosphere.
  • we are particularly aware of our function as role models in this context.
  • we fulfil our duty of care towards our employees. This means that we are jointly responsible for the personal integrity of our employees and must pursue any reports of misconduct.

As the directorate…

  • we communicate our values in a proactive manner and raise employee and particularly line managers awareness regularly.
  • we define processes and penalties in the event of infringements and ensure that these are implemented.
  • we also define processes and penalties in the event of fraudulent accusations and act on the presumption of innocence.

We call on EVERYONE not to look away if you notice or suspect disrespectful behaviour based on justifiable grounds. This means that everyone has to step up to address and try to stop improper behaviour.