Support for Ukraine

The war in Ukraine is causing great hardship for many people. The Paul Scherrer Institute has taken a number of measures to offer a hand to those affected.

Since February 2022, we have been witnessing a war in Europe – an incident we had hoped would never happen again. This war not only brings great suffering to Ukrainian citizens, but also has serious consequences for researchers and students at Ukrainian universities.

Support for Ukrainian researchers

The Paul Scherrer Institute, together with the other institutions of the ETH Domain, will does utmost to support and host Ukrainian researchers. Since March 2022, PSI has been a member of the international "Scholars at Risk" network. An overview of the current support measures of the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) can be found here:…

Research groups that can offer Ukrainian scientists temporary collaboration in their projects will find this easier via an entry in the Google Docs list Labs supporting Ukrainian Scientists.

Support for PSI employees

 Line managers and the responsible Divisional Human Resources Management keep an eye on the contract situation of Ukrainian employees and work on individual solutions. This applies both to existing staff and to refugees who have found temporary employment at PSI.

In the event of personal stress and challenging situations, counselling and support options are available to PSI employees. The responsible Divisional Human Resources Management will be happy to advise.

Psychological help for doctoral students is offered by the Psychological Counselling Services of University of Zurich and ETH Zurich.

Help for the Ukrainian population

More and more people in Ukraine are fleeing and seeking protection from this cruel war. Are you also wondering how you can best help?

Various Swiss relief organisations provide information on which aid is most urgently needed at the moment. A list of certified Swiss relief organisations collecting donations for Ukraine can be found on the website of the Zewo Foundation. Further information for PSI employees is provided by the Employee Committee PeKo (link only PSI internal).

Since 12 March 2022, refugees from Ukraine can apply for the so-called protection status S in Switzerland. This means that they can stay in Switzerland for a year, go to school or work without undergoing asylum procedures. The State Secretariat for Migration SEM has compiled the most important questions and answers. Anyone who would like to offer private accommodation to refugees from Ukraine can register as a host family through Swiss Refugee Council .

The canton of Aargau has created an information page on the cantonal support options.

General information for PSI employees: Please note that in principle, in the case of sanctions and embargoes, the regulations of your respective country of origin may also have to be taken into account in addition to the regulations applicable in Switzerland. For example, citizens of the EU and the USA are also subject to the regulations issued by these countries,regardless of their place of residence.

Due to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, PSI will not authorise any measurement time at its large research facilities, participation in scientific events or visits for employees of organisations based in Russia or Belarus (regardless of their nationality) on its premises until further notice.

At the Paul Scherrer Institute, employees from over 60 nations work peacefully and free of national, ideological or political boundaries towards the common goal of advancing science and research for the benefit of all people. We know that violence can never be part of a solution and reject it from the bottom of our hearts.