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The DECTRIS team (March 2012)


DECTRIS is a technology leader in the field of detection of X-rays and the first company worldwide, that offers a new type of hybrid-pixel X-ray detectors. DECTRIS offers a wide range of products for scientific and industrial applications as well as specific solutions for customers in the field of scientific and industrial X-ray detection. DECTRIS based in Baden is a spin-off company of PSI and was founded in 2006.
There is still a close cooperation between DECTRIS and PSI. The enabling technology for our successful product Pilatus 6M was developed at PSI and created the basis for the excellent market position of DECTRIS. Through fundamental detector research at PSI so far 45 highly qualified positions were created in a spin-off company. The huge international success of the DECTRIS products is a win-win situation for both parties. Today we have an independent Detector R&D program at DECTRIS. In addition, we have a number of KTI projects in the field of detector development and detector integration, which are of mutual benefit
Dr. Christian Brönnimann, CEO, DECTRIS Ltd.