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BAL27862-treated mitotic tumor cell (Green: microtubules. Red: DNA)

Basilea Pharmaceutica International Ltd.

Basilea Pharmaceutica International Ltd. (based in Basel, Switzerland) is a fully integrated research and development company, focusing on the development of innovative pharmaceutical products for the treatment of bacterial infections, fungal infections and cancer. Basilea targets the increasing medical challenge of resistance and non-response to current treatment options. Basilea has been collaborating with the PSI since 2010. Using the microtubule cytoskeleton as a model system, structure-phenotype relationship analyses are being performed with novel microtubule-targeting drugs, including Basilea’s anticancer compound BAL27862. A prodrug of BAL27862 (BAL101553) entered clinical evaluation in advanced cancer patients in 2011.
Thanks to the expertise of the group of Michel Steinmetz at the PSI, high resolution microtubule structural information has been obtained. Together with detailed phenotypic analysis, this has aided our understanding of the mechanism of action of BAL27862, a novel anticancer compound with a broad potential in drug refractory cancer patients. We really appreciate the reliable and successful cooperation with PSI.
Dr. Heidi Lane, Basilea Pharmaceutica International Ltd., Basel