Sub-Micro-Precision Manufacturing at a high level

Alme AG

The field of activities of Alme in Aadorf mainly includes two areas: mechanical engineering and supply of mechanical component parts. With a team of more than 50 employees, the company offers customer-oriented solutions concerning the mentioned fields and guarantees not only flexibility and excellent quality of the products, but also precision and high delivery performance. The PSI and its department of mechanical engineering support Alme in milling and in sub-mirco- precision manufacturing for turning and provide expert advice in case of problems or questions in the mentioned fields of activities.
The collaboration with PSI is quite valuable for our company and entails many advantages and chances. We really appreciate the experience and expert knowledge of our PSI partners and the reliable and respectful way of working together. The mutual exchange of knowledge, technologies and ressources creates synergy effects, which has a positive influence on our success. As a result, we can manage challenges and processes with lower efforts and lower investments
Christian Taennler, CEO, Alme AG