feM-LEAD at PSI, Empa and WSL (fka. PSI Mentoring Programme for Women with Leadership Ambitions)

female Mentoring: Leadership for Equity And Diversity fka. Mentoring Programme for Women with Leadership Ambitions

Questions that are addressed in the mentoring programme:

  • What does leadership (in general / at PSI) mean?
  • Is that something for me?
  • What steps can I take if I want to become a leader?
  • How can I expand my network?
  • What are the (unwritten) laws in the professional environment?

Mentoring is a concept in which an experienced person (mentor) passes on his or her specialist/social knowledge and/or experience to a less experienced person (mentee). The mentoring relationship is based on reciprocity. There is no competition with the regular support structures. There should be no direct dependency between the mentee and the mentor (e.g. line manager, supervisor).

The term "mentoring" has its origin in Greek mythology. Ulysses asked the scholar Mentor to take over the education of his son Telemachos during his absence. The person of the mentor thus became synonymous with a personality who takes on the task of advising and accompanying a younger and less experienced person.

In the field of diversity, equity and inclusion, PSI's top priority is to increase the proportion of women in the core areas of PSI (see guiding principles in the Diversity Mission Statement). Therefore, we systematically reduce structural barriers and disadvantages and offer various support programs specifically for women, such as feM-LEAD.

The goal of the mentoring programme is the planning of the mentee's career, e.g. through an insight into the career and work experience of the mentor. The aim is to promote the mentee's professional career in an enriching way and to encourage them to engage with the topic of leadership.

March 2023 to March 2024

For more information about the program, the information event and how to apply as a PSI employee, click here (Intranet-Link): https://intranet.psi.ch/en/chancengleichheit/mentoring-psi