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Margie Olbinado und David Mannes vor dem Eingang zur Synchrotron Lichtquelle Schweiz SLS, in der die Untersuchungen mit Synchrotronlicht durchgeführt wurden. In unmittelbarer Nachbarschaft dazu liegt auf dem Gelände des PSI die Schweizer Spallations-Neutronenquelle SINQ, die Neutronen für weitere Analysen liefert.

Cause of clogged hypodermic needles discovered

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Researchers at PSI and the ANAXAM technology transfer center have found the cause of clogging in prefilled syringes.

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Röntgenblick nach Herztransplantationen

X-ray imaging after heart transplantations

Research Using Synchrotron Light Biology Health Innovation SLS

Synchrotron light can be used in follow-up after a heart transplant to determine whether the body may be rejecting the new organ.

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Jisoo Kim receives PSI Thesis Medal 2023

Jisoo Kim receives PSI Thesis Medal 2023

Jisoo Kim receives the PSI Thesis Medal 2023. With this award, PSI recognises outstanding PhD theses, achieving  a high degree of innovation and potentially leading to scientific breakthroughs. Jisoo holds a Master of Science from the Korean Advanced Institute of Science &Technology and defended his thesis entitled “Towards time-resolved X-ray scattering tensor tomography” at ETH Zürich.

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jisoo kim

Jisoo Kim bags the 2022 Werner Meyer-Ilse Award

Jisoo Kim was awarded the 2022 Werner Meyer-Ilse Memorial Award. The WMI Award is given to young scientists for exceptional contributions to the advancement of X-ray microscopy through either outstanding technical developments or applications, as evidenced by their presentation at the International Conference on X-ray Microscopy and supporting publications.  Jisoo was awarded for his development of the method "Time-resolved x-ray scattering tomography for rheological studies", and is co-recipient of the award with Yanqi Luo from the Advanced Photons Source for her work on applications. The award was presented during the 15th International Conference on X-ray Microscopy XRM2022 hosted by the National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center (NSRRC) in Hsinchu, Taiwan on 19 - 24 June, 2022.

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