SLS 2.0 approved - TOMCAT 2.0 cleared for takeoff!

In December 2020 the Swiss parliament approved the Swiss Dispatch on Promotion of Education, Research and Innovation (ERI) for 2021 to 2024 which includes funding for the planned SLS 2.0 upgrade. The new machine will lead to significantly increased brightness, thus providing a firm basis for keeping the SLS and its beamlines state-of-the-art for the decades to come. The TOMCAT crew is very excited that the TOMCAT 2.0 plans (deployment of the S- and I-TOMCAT branches, see SLS 2.0 CDR, p. 353ff) have been included in the Phase-I beamline upgrade portfolio. These beamlines will receive first light right after the commissioning of the SLS 2.0 machine around mid 2025. A first milestone towards this goal has just been achieved, with the successful installation of the S-TOMCAT optics hutch during W1 of 2021. The TOMCAT scientific and technical staff would like to thank Mr. Nolte and his Innospec crew for delivering perfectly on schedule. 

Thumbs-up for the TOMCAT 2.0 upgrade, recently included in the SLS 2.0 Phase-I beamline upgrade portfolio. The S-TOMCAT optics hutch has been successfully installed in W1 of 2021. Left to right: Marco Stampanoni (TOMCAT group leader), Gordan Mikuljan (TOMCAT beamline technician), Friedhelm Nolte (CEO, Innospec Prüfsystem GmbH).