European Support Programs

By February 29, 2016 all major I3 access programs at the PSI user facilities SLS, SINQ and SμS within the EC Framework Programme 7 have ended. Those were CALIPSO (SLS, non PX beamlines, ended by May 31, 2015), Biostruct-X (SLS, PX beamlines, ended by February 29, 2016) and NMI3-II (SINQ and SμS, ended by January 31, 2016). Presently we do have the following information about successor programs and the future of user support by the EC:

SINQ and SμS:

A new neutron/muon I3 access proposal (NMIstar/H2020) has been submitted in March 2018. We will keep you updated as soon as further information is available.

SLS and SwissFEL:

The proposal for a new I3 access program (CALIPSOplus) under the framework program HORIZON2020 has been accepted for funding by the EC. Funding is secured since May 2017. The SLS with all its beamlines and also SwissFEL fully participate in the program, which means that part of the users can financially be supported again. Further detailed information is available here.