European Support Programs

By February 29, 2016 all major I3 access programs at the PSI user facilities SLS, SINQ and SμS have ended. Those were CALIPSO (SLS, non PX beamlines, ended by May 31, 2015), Biostruct-X (SLS, PX beamlines, ended by February 29, 2016) and NMI3-II (SINQ and SμS, ended by January 31, 2016). Presently we do have the following information about successor programs and the future of user support by the EC:

SINQ and SμS:

There are certain chances that the new EC Work Programme contains a call for another neutron/muon I3 access program with a proposal submission deadline in March 2018. We will keep you updated as soon as further information is available.

SLS and SwissFEL:

The proposal for a new I3 access program (CALIPSOplus) under the framework program HORIZON2020 has recently been accepted for funding by the EC. Funding is secured from May 2017 on. The SLS with all its beamlines and - later on - also SwissFEL will fully participate in the program, which means that part of the users can financially be supported again. Further detailed information is available here.

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The three major PSI user facilities SLS, SINQ, SμS are all partners within the access programmes of the European community I3 networks.

Part of that programme is to provide access to users from EC countries and associated states (except Switzerland) and to support those user visits by travel and subsistence funds. The guidelines for funding might differ between the facilities and depend on the available budget.
Useful Links

General information

Overview of coverage, criteria, Proposal submission and eligible countries.

SLS EU access programs

Similar to the NMI3 project the European LIght Sources Activities program CALIPSOplus has two strategic objectives: (i) to support transnational users of national facilities in the domain of synchrotron and FEL science and (ii) to support joint research activities (JRAs) of the participating partner institutions.

SINQ access program / NMI3-II

NMI3 falls within the activity 'Structuring the European Research Area: Research Infrastructures' of the EU 7th Framework programme. In the EU Framework Programme 7 (FP7) all of the different activities related to a common type of Research Infrastructure are combined into a single project - an Integrated Infrastructure Initiative (I3).